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jackie Dec 2019
there is no light in this place
only broken mirrors
and black cats
and stairs as doorways.
it is too dark here for any man or monster to ever escape
i’d give you my heart, i think (circle, mitski)
jackie Dec 2019
she was sunshines and smiles and
dripping red knives
laughing and aching and touching and crying
and everything
and nothing at all
jackie Dec 2019
she and i
we are going down the stairs in opposite directions
up is down, and down is up,
and she has a mask of jade for a face
and with my mask of emerald
we match
that is all, that is all
jackie Oct 2019
i hear the voice in the dark of night and i open up the window
but its not coming from there
the dark figure in my mirror beckons me
what is the figure in my mirror but a reflection of myself?
for then i am lying on the floor with a gaping wound in my head
this isn't how i wanted to die
have a great day everyone
jackie Oct 2019
as i fall, i rise
i cant decide how i want to die
will i be splattered in blood on the sidewalk?
or die nice and crisp in a hospital bed?
have a nice day everyone
jackie Oct 2019
lost souls in limbo
did my soul get lost going where it was supposed to go?
is that why i am empty, filled with nothing at all?
have a great day everyone
jackie Oct 2019
i think of you and i frantically do anything to fill the time
ive been taught we're wrong and you know what they say
"idle hands are the devils workshop"
but does the devil truly lie with she and i?
hello. my first post on this website. idk how the tags work so i’m gonna be using them for my own archive system. hope ur having a good day and if u aren’t know i love you and you’re worth more than you believe.

— The End —