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UV Nov 17
We are left with the tameable
Cause that's what it took to survive
The one's with the true message
Couldn't bear to be here now
The youth with all the purpose
Are muted in the dark
The crowds that stick around
Are faded, broken down.

I don't know what this is,
A prayer, poem, a song
With all the early graves
With all the good men in the ground
I guess my heart needs consoling,
So I write to remember
This is what it took to survive.

UV Dec 2018
I must have kissed you a hundred times
In between the packing
And the pleading glances at the clock
Wishing for the time to freeze
For just one second
Boarding pass check
Departure card check
The taxi is waiting and your suitcases are out front
I must have kissed you a hundred times
From that dawn to the moment you walked off our steps
But when I stood there at the window
watching you leave
I still couldn't help but want one more kiss.
  Feb 2017 UV
You cannot break the broken, you can't live in the past, throw that memory away, you cannot let it stay, oh I wish I had the power to change every wasted hour, to knock down this growing tower under which I fearfully cower, in my ball of self regret.

                    I can remember:

                Tears that I have shed.

                 Lies that I have said.

                 Pain I have inflicted.

              Oh how I feel conflicted.

But know now this, for it is true, for all the things I can't undo, I'd never regret loving you.
No sleep = creativity, how does that work?
Oml this made the daily poem, thank you so much everyone!!
UV Feb 2017
Proceed with caution
There are so many shades of truth
Proceed with caution
Promises get broken
When their master evolves
Proceed with caution
Pain is addictive and
Sadness turns into a passionate habit
Proceed with caution
Good men make misery like it's their art
So I say it one more time
Proceed with caution my love
Because you'll never trust again
Once you realize how reckless it is
Like a love affair between metal and rust.
UV Feb 2017
The eclipse of two hearts
With lips and souls meeting
Life will flash
With purpose and meaning
This is what we believe
That true love is not destructive
And that most of us deserve it
We trust it's all we need
We so eagerly believe
Because how else will you paint your life
When the only perfect tint
Is born in the lips
Of a lover's Red lie
UV Jan 2017
I window shop souls
I walk by slowing down for a while
Just long enough to see what they're made of
Light, dark, purposefully tarnished, ripped
Some are made for the daring
And some are just made for pleasing the regulars
Who shop way too often
But once I saw this unique one
With painfully beautiful hues
Woven together with pain and truth
I wanted to take it home
This one would match mine
I didn't though, someone was already buying it..
UV Jan 2017
My story took a turn when
I abandoned my monochrome
My torturous shades of greys
And dearest colors of night
I wasn't loyal to them anymore
Painting my skin with violets and pinks
Reds and golden yellows
Along with other shades of the dawn

For him yes, it was for him
I wrote my love all over my skin
with all the colors that I gave up
With all the colors that I once had
Before giving them up for the safety of the dark
It was quite unfortunate when I figured out
The man I was doing this for
He was color blind.

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