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Christina S Jun 23
My heart adores you
And it only beats true
You give me shivers everywhere;
One look and I'm mute
Your piercing eyes so cute
Your glance says "don't you dare"

Her ******* heave with desire
Though it is a forbidden fire
Lest these eyes forget;
She takes a whiff of his cologne
And throws herself into the unknown
Their lust is strong, you can bet

She's been hurt before, you know
And she's lost some of her glow
But you can bet she'll get it back
She never lost her touch
Though it wasn't missed much
You fulfill everything that I lack
Christina S Feb 2022
Your love convinces me that there is good in the world
All the ugly, painful stuff fades away,
Your love convinces me that God is real
And I can face what comes each day.

I don't understand how I got so lucky,
They always say true love is hard to find.
It's an honor to spend my life with you
I never thought I'd find a guy so cute, so kind.

You are one in a million. That makes me feel special.
There are not enough hours in the day to love you!
You deserve everything that I can give
There's no denying that our love is true!
Christina S Jan 2021
I was lying in the fetal,
begging to be a memory-
But you saw worth
You saw potential in me

Thank you for being part
of my life, my story
You gave me hope in a void
In my darkest hour you were there for me

I remember a time when
life had no color scheme.
Drained from all it's worth,
It was becoming a regular theme

Now I see brightly lit skies!
My senses are tickled and more
You've rescued me from the abyss
And I will be thankful evermore!
Christina S Dec 2020
Hope perches on a branch in my heart

waiting patiently for spring to come;

She looks out of her broken window

wondering where the cold comes from.

Love is a tired old woman in the

depths of my soul, fatigued and dismayed;

Not knowing what should come naturally,

she sits in the dark afraid.

There outside an empty corpse

love tries to breathe life into me

Almost unwillingly, hope accepts just

enough love to survive, just barely

Because all that is within her

knows that love ends with pain.

the voice inside reminds her that no one

can ever take away her stain.
This was a long time ago.....
Christina S Dec 2020
I'm all wrapped up in Christmas
but I'm not wrapped up in me
I like to help other people
and delight in my family

I'm all wrapped up in Christmas
Every Christmas activity you can foresee
If I had my druthers, I'd help all
my friends put up their Christmas trees

I'm all wrapped up in Christmas
Armed with wrapping paper, boxes and bows
Although the gifts don't make the holiday
It is fun to watch the kids open toys and clothes

Yes, I'm all wrapped up in Christmas
The Spirit has a strong grasp on me
And as I sit by the glow of the fire, I
remember my fondest Christmas memories
Christina S Nov 2020
Leaves drained of their vibrant green
Snow gently falling on the ground,
Deer sneaking around in the meadow
All without making a sound.

Winter is here with slick icy roads
With COVID and others to boot
Thanksgiving is around the corner
And then we get our Christmas loot

Family is the name of the game
Friends are welcome too
Friends are family we pick
Bonds stuck together like glue

Joy beams from my heart
I love this time of year!!
For the birth of our Savior
My family, my friends and my dear
Just some thoughts about the season......
Christina S Mar 2020
There's an unseen invader
waiting to make me sick,
Lurking around the house
time goes by-tick-tock-tick

Scared of the unknown
Not much left to do
If it's as bad as they say
I haven't got a clue

I'm doing all I can
against the unseen enemy
I dream of the day when
once again I can roam free
The virus has us all on edge....
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