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η May 30
Girls constructing blocks,
and boys with chopping boards.

Girls driving cars,
and boys wearing scarves.

Girls do pick up a fight,
and boys argue to prove they’re right.

Girls are loud,
and boys are loud, too.

Quiet now, children.
Pack your toys right away.
During play time from class Sapphire II.
elle jaxsun Oct 2018
promises made easily
are easy to break.

even easier when
it's not you and yours
at stake.

ensue heartbreak, worse than from a lover
i loved each berry in the patch like no other.
I started a job I really wanted about a month ago and was just let go from it already. I was a co-teacher in a preschool and the class was called the Berry Patch so there's a reference to them. There were about 20+ two-year-olds in our class and they really brought such great joy. I'm disappointed in the actions of my employer and am really happy they let me go anyway. But it still really ***** being away from the kiddos.
Ellie Dec 2014
Wednesdays and Fridays:
The only days I jump out of bed
Filled with
I walk into the classroom,
Trade my sadness for a dose of jubilance.
I feel alive again.

A dozen 3 year olds swarm the room,
the melting ***.
Labels such as: typical, Downs syndrome, autistic, deaf
Come together to morph into a magical classroom.
“The Tree House Room”.
Differences are not feared in the eyes of these little humans,
They are

These are the days I live for.

— The End —