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People confronted her,
For living in the clouds,
But with a head full of dreams,
She ran her own world,
One which will never be seen.
Love is a concept ineffable,
Some believe it’s like a roaring flame,
Others believe it’s more of a warm hug,
There are naysayers who believe it’s a capitalist lie,
Others devout to it.
Some people are serial monogamists,
And at the other end,
Those who fear being with only one person for life,
Some are lucky enough to go to sleep,
With Love being the last thing they see and feel,
And others are in Love across continents,
Love isn’t always physical intimacy of course,
Tungsten is strong but is it strong than a mother's Love?
You can Love your friends,
And Bacon Burgers,
So what is Love?
The short answer is;
I have no idea,
But as soon as you know....

People go to the gym to work on their bodies,
People should start working on their minds too
This is the key to true beauty,
And understanding the universe around ourselves.
For those who solemnly believe that love doesn’t hurt,
You have clearly never loved,
Because even the most beautiful rose,
Has thorns.
There are only 5 things you should do in the morning;
Be creative,
Doesn’t matter what you do,
These 5 things start you right.
She has the power to Make you,
The power to Take you,
Then the power to Break you,
Never underestimate the power of a woman.
A man will carry the weight of the world,
For the one he loves,
Travel to the ends of the Earth,
Push the boundaries of what is possible,
Just to bring a smile to his Love's face.
Your heart has no eyes,
It has no ears,
And cannot make decisions,
It relies on your mind to filter,
Through people’s ugliness,
Through people’s lies,
And decide who is right for you,
Because every time you get it wrong,
Your heart breaks a little bit more.
When a person feels down you offer them an ear, a shoulder and something to eat while they talk...
When you love a person, you take your time, mastering and perfecting, crafting a dish you know they will love...
Whenever you want to emotionally satiate someone, their stomach is the tried and true route.
Life sometimes feels as though it is all one big song,
You don’t realise it, until the right person comes along,
And they know the lyrics to your verse.
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