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Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
I lie,
My head placed between your *******,
Rising and falling with every breath you take,
The smell of your skin,
And the feeling of your delicate fingers running through my hair,
I hear the birds outside singing,
This feels what life is for.

I raise my head to see your smiling face.

"Morning handsome!"

As your voice fills my ears,
I am complete.
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Thy soft’st voice,
Sing me to sleep,
Put my fears to rest,
Settle my whirring mind,
My soul is chaotic,
My dreams dashed.

So please,
Sing me to sleep.
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Desert dry-
Cracked and scarred,
Empty of feeling and life.
With nothing there to grow,
Life daren’t wander inside.

It is the rain,
That begins the roots for life,
It is the rain-
That washes off the scarring-
To show its lack of permanence.
When it pours from the heavens,
We know our world is pure.

So why not his heart?
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
We meet on our first date, things feel a little awkward, but when don’t they? You tell me about your job, your childhood, your family and the moving around, I tell you the same bar the fact I never left the one town. I crack some jokes, some land, some miss, on paper it doesn’t seem special.

But I felt it, you felt it, there’s something here.

The third date rolls around, after our dinner, I took you for a wander through the city streets in the night, we reached a park and there was a quiet band playing and I spun you round and started slow-dancing, you started giggling and calling me cheesy, but you snuggled into my chest. The night wound down and you asked if I wanted a coffee, I replied saying I don’t drink coffee, I kiss you on the cheek and leave to go back home.

Our eighth date you confronted me, asking “what the hell?!” and I have to explain that I have rushed a physical connection with partners in the past, and that I didn’t want to do it this time, as I apologise for the lack of communication.

A month or two roll by and we get caught in a thunderstorm hiking, when we make it back to the car and dive into the back seats, peeling off the sodden clothes. It is here where I steal a glance, and our rain soaked lips meet.

This is the love that changes what we think of the concept.
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Darkness isn't to be feared,
It exists as the beginning,
As a reminder of all the potential,
Before you have done anything,
Before you open your eyes,
Before you take the first step,
The darkness is always there,
So get comfortable with it,
Because when you strike that first match,
When you flick that switch,
It is gone forever,
And all that is left,
Is the stark truth of reality.
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
One day, the world for me, will be too blurry, too hazy for me to see.
I hope the haze is purple, for
obvious reasons, but life rarely turns out so perfectly.
I can choose,
I can choose to hollow out my own sight, to have medicine take it's
But what will be of my perspective?
Will it change?
Will I?
I have many questions, and no one seems to want to answer them.
I fear the worst, It isn't the dark I fear,
Just what I cannot see.
Danté Le Beau Jun 2020
Thy Soft'st breath,
‘nd smooth’st curves.
I follow thou's hidden secrets.

Thou'st more deep-
Lesser known-
Than the lands seen from the eye.

Push through thy defences,
To become audience to your sweet'st song,
Carry me to mine own heaven.

Please never let man corrupt thee,
With his selfish desires-
‘nd gluttonous appetite.

Man will take,
So stay strong,
Fair'st beauty.
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