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and forth
on my little swing
of happy
and sad
of love
and fear
of hope
and rage
it's getting old
and i'm getting
dizzy, sick
once again
the bad days come back for me every time
my skin is a traitor
flaming and red
hot to the touch
leaving invisible scorch marks
on everything i touch
directly opposing
the chill inside
the freezing cold
of my careless mind
im so tired and i hate this
he really pulled up to my house
wearing a ******* cowboy hat
and blasting thanks for the memories
like some kind of ******* loser
it was an american flag cowboy hat too
basil Dec 2020
seven (7) drafts sitting lonely
seven (7) always was a cursed number

maybe that's why i can't write anything now

maybe i'll keep this in my drafts, too
so i can make it

eight (8)
****. i can't write anything. and if i can't write, what am i even doing? that sounds soo lame. but, hey, it's honest. that's something i guess i'm doing now.
so many things Nov 2020
your name on a screen
at a red light

how easy it should be
to just say
"i miss you, i feel like ****, and i want you back"

i hate it
i hate this

i hate crying on her shoulder
because it should be yours
i hate going to her
when i want to be with you
i hate the constant ache in my chest
when i remember how much i loved you
how much i still love you

i hate the way my dreams are full of you
your voice and the smell of your hair in the morning
i hate not knowing if you're still there
i hate watching you fall apart
i hate it so much
everything hurts
idiosyncrasy Apr 2020
fast awake
and wide asleep
and shooting all
these ******* sheep
basil Feb 2020
sodium chloride
and dihydrogen monoxide

separate us

but we still
dream in the
same colors
Adrian Dec 2019
I’m happy to be here,
Alive and well.
I once lost all I held dear,
Tumbling down into hell.

But I rose out
Like a prizefighter;
Off of the net with a
Lively propulsion,
And into Death’s
No good,

I’m happy to still be alive.
Not because I enjoyed rising above,
But because I
Wouldn’t ever have beheld
The beauty that has passed by.

And I know,
More is on it’s way.
So I can only pray,
To share this beauty with others.
Unedited. I’m really tired. I’ve been having a sort of a block recently, I’ve been really unmotivated. so I’m gonna sleep now. Also, the poetry on this site from everyone is part of that beauty I mentioned.
polka Mar 2018
For someone who has such a way with words,
Who can ravel them around my neck and lead me anywhere;
You get tongue-tied when I show you the same talent.
polka Jan 2018

I speak, for four.
Talking, is a chore.

I speak for three,
They don't always agree,

i speak for two.
they dont have a clue.

i speak for one
it's not very fun

now i don't speak at all
i want my friends back
idk what this is whoops
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