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MayC Sep 2020
what if I told you
I saw a lioness with fire eyes?

what if I told you
I witnessed the collapse of a marble empire?

what if I told you
I saw ashes floating from a soul burned by passion?

what if I told you
I saw an ice-cold Phoenix raising from snow?

what if I told you
I saw a canary so joyful its melody charming even the shyest of sun rays?

what if I told you
I saw a golden but poisonous rose?

what if I told you
I saw waterfalls coming down from blue and green galaxies?

what if I told you
I saw honey dripping from a dark heart?

what if I told you
I saw a diamond so rare that its brilliance scared even the lightning?

would you believe me?
would you think I'm lying or fantasising or even creating metaphors of imagination?

what if I told you
to look in the mirror?
what if you see
what I once saw?
MayC May 2020
you tried to hurt me
with poisonous tears.
you threw at me
your bravest fears,
unleashing your demons
on my bare shoulders
to **** my soul
with their tar black boulders.
-pieces from your spirit-
you made my worlds
and my words
perfectly playing your villainous part,
you can't believe
i still make
-and breathe-
but darling,
did you forget
i had a spiked heart?

-May Colde
MayC Feb 2020
today's lunatics
are tomorrow's artists.

-May Colde
MayC Jan 2020
it happened.
i screamed silently with my tears,
you hurt me with your fears.

you seemed to care,
but I'm afarid that you'll scare
my scarred heart,
my fragile art.

now a freezing fire burns in me
running softly
through my soul,
tar black coal,
hiding quietly ,
in old rusty tin,
the diamond within.

-May Colde
Masks were on the floor, but yours was still in your hands.
MayC Jan 2020
take yourself some time:
-to admire the clear, pastel sky,
maybe tomorrow it'll rain.
-to smell the blooming flowers,
maybe tomorrow they'll wilt.
-to hear the melody of the birds,
maybe tomorrow they'll fly away.
-to live, not just to exist,
and you'll be grateful for what I say.
forever is not something made for humans.
but we can at least taste it.

-May Colde
MayC Sep 2019
you burnt my eyes
so they poured oceans of water
to recover
but that’s ok
you are so proud of your flame
so I really hope that wherever you go
you leave fire behind your footsteps
not realising
that no one will dare
to follow you again.

-May Colde
Careful what you wish for.
MayC Sep 2019
how comes that
hell souds like angel
and heaven rhymes with devil
maybe there's not only one path
no mercy,
or wrath
or maybe there's only the human nature
who's just winning to lose
and forgetting not to choose.

-May Colde
"Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other."
-Eric Burdon

Only humans believe in good or evil, while there can be either bitterness or kindness that define their actions.
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