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MayC Sep 27
you burnt my eyes
so they poured oceans of water
to recover
but that’s ok
you are so proud of your flame
so I really hope that wherever you go
you leave fire behind your footsteps
not realising
that no one will dare
to follow you again.

-May Colde
Careful what you wish for.
MayC Sep 14
how comes that
hell souds like angel
and heaven rhymes with devil
maybe there's not only one path
no mercy,
or wrath
or maybe there's only the human nature
who's just winning to lose
and forgetting not to choose.

-May Colde
"Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other."
-Eric Burdon

Only humans believe in good or evil, while there can be either bitterness or kindness that define their actions.
MayC Sep 10
you couldn't write your words
on my soul
so I put mine
on paper.

-May Colde
MayC Sep 5
not even Mona Lisa's eyes
can hypnotize me
like yours do.

-May Colde
MayC Aug 30
you are uselessly trying to learn
how to fly
when you’re living in a cage.

-May Colde
Even if it has golden bars and flowers inside, it’s still a prison.
MayC Aug 28
I am sometimes angry,
sometimes sad
and at worst,
even afraid.
when I see everyone’s perfect lives,
ignoring their lies,
and their webs and
bewitching melodies,
gorgeous figures
and golden possessions.
I am not damaged by them,
or by their honey,
but by the idea
that I will never be enough,
not for me,
or my family,
or the society.
I am afraid that one time
she will finally catch me
with those long and sharp claws,
screaming, mocking voice
and slender but greedy figure.
but most of all
I’m afraid by her call
and her lies
and Jealousy’s mesmerizing
emerald eyes.

-May Colde
But I remember my own eyes, and my soul, stronger than even the sharpest diamond.
  Aug 24 MayC
vanessa ann
i am becoming the girl i've always wanted to be
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