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Sammy Sep 2021
He was only 16
abused and *****.

A life he never wanted.
He was a top A student until about half a year ago.

A life he never dreamed of.
He smiled, and laughed and yet never said a word.
A life he never wanted.
He was scared, she was staring at him.
A life he never dreamed of.

She did nothing about it.
He cried and screamed "MOMMY HELP ME"
A life he never wanted.
Endless nightmares, day in and day out.
A life he never dreamed of.
He begged as it was happening "STOP IT, MOMMY HELP ME"
A life he never wanted.
Sammy Sep 2021
She's got pain, she's got hurt..

She's got scars nobody sees..
She's got those cuts, the cuts that don't heal.
She's got her wrist and thighs full of them.

She's got one thing she tells herself, its just a matter of time.
One cut, two cut three cuts four, the blood just starting dripping from the tub to the floor.

The more she sits alone, the more incisions, she makes.
The more she kicks, screams, and cries.
That void, that cause never dies.
It just gets bigger in her life as she withers away in silence.
Sammy Sep 2020
There was this girl
A girl who thought she was no good
Self harm was what she did
A blade was her friend because she felt she never had friends

Her partner cries to her
To stop
To promise
They see the battles...
They beg her to promise to stop...
They see the pain...

The pain of life...
The pain she battles with everyday
There is a saying she says
1 cut... 2 cut... 3 cut... 4
The blood just started dripping from the tub to the floor
She feels empty and numb
She does not see the worth of living...
She's so young, her whole life is ahead of her
Yet she wishes to end her life...
Sammy Sep 2020

Her hands aren't the prettiest
She bites her nails to cope
Cope from her anxiety
To cope from her fear of the future, to cope because her life is just so messed up,
She feels so numb and so empty, she's got two things to cheer her up
Which is her girl and her dog
Yet her girl is so far away,
As her pillow gets drenched in her tears, she can't stop crying, it's as a tap was left open
Sammy Sep 2020
My anxiety boils over
As I lay in my bed
My emotions are shown
On my thighs and arms
As the colour fades
From my skin
I just sit in silence
As my phone goes off
Beside my bed
I stare into space and wonder
How life would be without me
I don't like to waste peoples time
So I sit in silence
I sit and think about self harm
I sit and think about how life would be without me
The moment I imagine it, I fall into a deep dark place
Sammy Sep 2020
I'm over it...

I make people who they aren't meant to be
I run
I run so no one sees my pain
So no one asks questions
I hide
I hide from the truth
The truth of I'll never be good enough
I'm sick of crying
Sick of shedding tears on deaf ears
I'm hurting but as long as I say the right words
And act the right way, I'm fine to you
Well I'm not, I'm hurting, my insecurities are taking over
And I don't know what more to do
I scream but nothing is heard
I cry but nothing is said

— The End —