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Kee Jul 2017
Love galore
It was all being given to you and none to me
Showered in abuse instead of love
Embraced on the cheek with a fist instead of a kiss
Looked at with disgust instead of admiration
Told that I'll never be able to leave but you can't wait until I'm dead
I'm the one loving you when no one else is
The only one treasuring you when no one does
Still in love with you because i know you won't make it alone
But here I am, loving you
When you don't love me
Stuck in this 'love galore'
Haruharu Jun 2017
The years of being constantly knocked down are forever gone.

No more heart on her sleeve and clenched fists.

The suffocated voice inside her has grown strong.

She speaks louder than ever, and no one dares to go against her.

The fear in her eyes is replaced by vengance.

A fierce, unpredictable rebel is born.

Heading for war.

She's now ready for anything and anyone.

The most beautiful, savage beast anyone has ever laid eyes on.

With fire in her eyes, purple lipstick and Dr. Martens she is now waiting.

To watch her enemies crumble beneath her feet.

And she breaks into that lethal smile of hers that only she possesses.
Another piece of my life story. Time to move on, get stone cold and stand up tall
Poetic T Feb 2017
Vocalization woven in palms of an interpreted force,
censorship is versed where only a fist in restrained in
preparation  of a moment wielded in distemper.
Aversion is the weapon yielding over another

Degraded by the waves of depression pushing  her
further from the shores of  a sanctuary, she must
use wilful reflection to abate the coming precipitation.
Stronger in willingness a knock is heard at the door..

*"Freedom is the courage to verse to others and not in silence,
spousal abuse
Emma Lee Jun 2016
You knocked quietly, yelled loudly. Sometimes I can't tell the difference. You come in with fangs out ready to pounce. Little do you ever come for a plesent conversation. But Usually just to mark my walls with your claws again. Your voice is growling and your laugh is a long snarl, one that I can not unhear. The roof shakes at the vibrations of your foot steps. Thump, clatter. Thump, shake. Thump whimper. You circle me with your words, like pray, making me trip and stumble. That is how you win, isn't in? Make your opponent smaller then you feel inside?  
You're a slob , you say.
Good for nothing, you yell.
Why are you always alone? You ask.
Why ask when you know? Why make the memory of your words and the feeling of your fists brighter and deeper in my mind? Oh that's write this isn't pleasant talk. You are here to win. To mark me with a stamp saying that I am nothing.
But as I stood up surrounded by nothingness and darkness, I had to remind myself that i am a human. Flesh and bone. A real person. One with a destiny, thoughts and feelings. Not one less important then the other.
I am not little red riding hood who hid under hoods while being consumed by **** things disguised as familiar.
I am not Bell who did something she swore she would never do; she settled for someone she did not love.
I am the lady of the lake.
I am the tree that fell in the forest and dared to make a noise.
I well not be locked in towers by men afraid of fire.
I well not stay away from the sea and sun and fly in the same air I have always breathed.
I am more, and I am bigger on the inside then you feel on the outside
Poetic T Jun 2016
I may write in darkness
but I was a damaged
toy from birth. I was
the focus of many fists
at school and at home.
I got over these hurdles
now more stronger than before.
I'm now a crazy dad, father,
My wife completes me whole.
*"My ink is just imagination,
I have had many hurdles in my life tripped on a few but always got up
Cat Fiske May 2016
Sometimes I feel your cold fists against my cheek,
and I remember the last times we peacefully got to sleep.
Im getting weak.
as I can't get over the new smell of the newly fallen autumn leaves,
Kathleen M Apr 2016
The dead trespass through my mind
They cave in skulls through forced lobotomy
They strap the population for lethal injection
They take lead fists to soft flesh
Claws to clean eyes
Stealing voices
Cutting out pink tongues
Cramming microphone down your throat
Can you hear me now
Hammers and clubs slam death home with every blow
Tonight we let the victims show
AfterImage Jan 2016
Tears like avalanches.
                                                                ­                     Unleashed potential.
Sadness like waves.
                                                          ­                           Unceasing assault.
Fists like thunder.
                                                           ­                          Unintended consequence.
Hate like earthquakes.
                                                      ­                               Unwanted arrival.
Smiles like sunshine.
                                                       ­                              Unassuming appearance.
Happiness like hurricanes.
                                                    E­very feeling.
                                                        ­                             Unending experience.
A simile in disguise.
Swords and Roses Nov 2015
chest lifting with breaths
eyes and brows diagonal
mind clouding over
fists clenched and lightly trembling
blood rising up through the skin
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