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Khoi-San Aug 5
is the sea, I love
behold the wobbling blue sky,
the boat rocks,
my rod drops,
I fall overboard
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
Want to sleep but unable to rest.
Want to smile but don't have the energy.
Want to succeed but can't see my worth.
Want to shine but afraid of my own light.
Want to live a dream but can't make my dream real.
I wear my sadness on my dress, pain on my sleeves, depression in my mechanical heart.
I can't move
... Or can I?
Feeling so and so today...
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
You treat me like schrodingers cat
And some times I just don't get that
I was alive when you slammed the lid
And now I'm as scared as a little kid
But you have to sort out your own head
And you leave me here filled with dread
Because when I really really need you
You act like you haven't a clue
Are you afraid my sadness will hurt you to much
That my agony will be to much for the touch
That's ok I'll keep it locked away
And maybe, just maybe one day
You'll lift the lid to look inside
Only to find out I have died
Philip Smith Nov 2014
Life is a full cup of craziness
The answer is never to just empty out the contents of the cup.

Just take the lid and Shut the Full-Cup

P.s. Here's a straw for all those people that **** in this cup of craziness.
Just in case it went over your head, Say, "Shut the Full-Cup" really fast.

Inspired by youtube's 'Nigahiga'

— The End —