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ShitHead Apr 2016
I am sick of ****** jobs
With **** poor wages
I am sick of working hard
And not being rewarded
I'm sick of sadistic managers
Always breathing down my neck

I am sick of drinking cheap beer
Because that's all I can afford
I'm sick of making a tank of gas
Last for 2 weeks
I'm sick of having holes in my pants
But I can't afford a new pair

Capitalism makes me sick
ShitHead Apr 2016
I am the epitome of misery
This heart break heavy on my mind
So pour me another drink
To get me through the night
But the morning hurts just the same
ShitHead Apr 2016
It is 4:30 in the morning and I miss you.
I have just driven home from work and parked in the driveway.
I look around the yard and even in the dark the memories all come back to me.
I leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio to drown out the noise in my head
But it's the song we always listened to while we were driving.
A single tear runs down my face and I wipe it away.
As I get out of the car and walk to the house, it's drizzling out.
The annoying cat, the one that you love and I hate, is sitting out in the rain meowing.
He is pathetic.
But then again, so am I.
I pick him up and carry him inside with me
Because I think you'd like that.
I sit up drinking even though I'm tired
Because I know I have nothing to look forward to tomorrow since you've been gone
  Apr 2016 ShitHead
Simon Woodstock
Lost in the catacombs I wander aimlessly searching for a purpose yet only finding dark corridors and broken bones of the dead
I am jaded
I wonder
Did the dead ascend to the sky or are they trapped here in the catacombs to lie
I am jaded
These are my thoughts as I sleep
The catacombs forever eating away my mind
Soon to death I'll give my last breath once I find an end and a purpose
I awake and the dream ends
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