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Liam Wales Mar 2016
A devil stands on my both my shoulders
They whisper, "just do it, no one cares anyway"
So I take this weapon of self destruction
And cut away to bleed out the guilt until I feel nothing at all...
Liam Wales Aug 2015
Knots tie me up inside
Even the places I can't quite find

The drums pound throughout my temple
Maybe these are not the perfect examples

Hate poisons my innocent flesh
What is the feeling that this suggests?
It seems my writing skills aren't incredible
Nore are they desirable

I'm not going to make you wait
I'm just going to tell you straight

I'm angry!
This poem is trying to calm me down.  I think it shows through its nature of progression.  Enjoy!
Liam Wales Aug 2015
An oyster survives in its tough shell

It knows nothing apart from its surrounding walls
What it does next will be a surprise to us all

It breaks out of it's shell
Without unleashing hell
It was scared of the outside
It was not born to be free

We can all be summed up as oysters until we break out

Do not be encapsulated
Break free
Liam Wales Aug 2015
Nothing will come between us
A solid still flows through the gap
Our candle remains lit for eternity
Why would anyone try to blow out the candle?

It isn't an ordinary candle
This candle, anything it can handle
Gigantic cockroaches threaten its flame
How come this flame has not gone out?

Darkness surrounds the object
Nothing can stop it, not even the dust it collects
People puff with all their breath
Our flame will never go out
Liam Wales Jul 2015
Without reason
We have lost our connection
It's you and me now
There was no suggestion

I thought there was more
Now they're just disfigured faces
They glare down on us
With an **** look of disgrace

Now it's just you and me
Liam Wales Jul 2015
Our hearts enslave us in painful desire
Our minds play our darkest thoughts
The brush on the canvas depict suffering and that I'm a liar
This painting displays all the battles I have fought

Droplets tear away at my face as I produce the tears
What is wrong with me?
This doesn't happen when you're near
Liam Wales Jul 2015
Don't push them
You're moulding them instead of letting them flow
You're stunning their movement, you're not letting them grow

I like being pushed
I am superior and better than my peers
They've taken over my body and they are the ones who steer

Is this wrong?
Is this right?
Is this my desired flight
The Devils are pitched on both shoulders
I can't take over until I've grown older
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