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Starry Aug 27
On the two week cruise
Across the Atlantic Ocean
I see a ufo
No ******* comments.
CautiousRain Jun 29
I saw your name
in an old file
and I was told to dispose of it.

I couldn't help but feel so empowered
and yet oh so very vulnerable;
I'm a soft clam inside a hard shell,
but every time I think of this past you,
you've already pried me open and prodded
at my fleshy underbelly,
my most private spaces.

I was given the control
to take away another memory of you
from a place, we used to inhabit
and as much as I should've enjoyed that,
it only made me sad.
it's that time of night, I guess
welcome ladies, gents, and cool kids
sad boi hours
ardnaxela Jul 2018
The clouds of Pompeii
had nothing on his heart.
An eruption of UNCERTAINTY
his world e-x-p-l-o-d-e-d.
lights extinguighed,
joy (deleted).
Night is now who was once Day.
Corruption of a steaming bliss.
Darkness gripped his mind -
insomnia, coupled with a blind-ness..
that could only be caused
by some serious disruption....
like the ash of Pompeii when it settled
or the pain of a burnt page.
I'm sorry Teddy.
Grainy night
Too smoggy
Must be a horror film
In a slight fright
I see your face
So glad!
We surround & converse
Then, I blast off
I had doubts
But he always saves the night
Runs with the cold wind
We settle & plop down
Were drowsy & overworked
Gentle & forthright
Softly talking
Time flies
This is so rare
What we have
Unlike the others
Were dazzling
Radiant stares around
I gracefully poke you
“Are you dozing off?”
“I’m taking it in…”
Don’t worry about me
The divine look
So and so
Its all tolerable
I see you
I know
One day
Someone will see me
Like I see you
Life is grand
Due to you
Jordan Hudson Dec 2017
How many things can fit in a file?
Enough to lay out and reach a mile?
Space confined deep inside
Impossible to see but you can try
Holding ideas until the user clicks
The button that deletes things very quick
File content and file types
All of these on the screens' pixel light
This is about computer files
Xan Abyss Apr 2017
Panasoffkee, Florida
Dressed in green and gold
Strangled with a 36 belt
Her corpse a whole month old

Rotting beneath the water
Nobody knew her body
Paul John Knowles
Was out on parole,
Could he be the killer at fault here?

Who was Miss Panasoffkee?
What happened to Constantina?
Found submerged in a river
Nameless and missing forever

Could she be an escapee, a runaway from Greece?
Fleeing her cruel husband as a romantic refugee?
Perhaps the world will never know
Perhaps we'll never see
Who the real identity may be
of Miss Lake Panasoffkee
Based on a 40+ year old cold case.
anastasiad Nov 2016
Development sector with developing locations inside Asian countries is tremendously improving over the last few years and plenty of traders have noticed the particular stunning change and large possibilities. Because these under-developed locations continue to keep try as well as enhance, a lot of business people experienced arrange nearby companies as well as syndication. Surgical procedures are actually run smoothly in addition to targets are positioned for just a continual success of this marketplace.

Belgium is one of the international locations which will score well in the concept of system, ample it to be described since the individual who yank people to your hierarchy involving selected definite fulfillment. Tens of projects are now being executed round the area of Jakarta and its particular archipelagic location is unable to impede organization procedures all around islands and native materials to be spread across cities.

Having said that, evidently people are growing excited with projects who have not reached its objectives in addition to isn around materialization. Furthermore, you can find claims regarding how serious unresolved plans are generally.

Naysayers acquired reported which since that time the actual leader of the united states, Curr. Joko Widodo, throughout the world named Jokowi, has got lay to help business office, specified unstable choices were created. Continue 2014, the revolutionary administration offers assigned huge amounts of cash for the purpose appears like far-fetched jobs associated with commercial infrastructure bill-outs.

Within protection of the leader, numerous authorities need to do programs regarding general public jobs focusing on jacks, tracks along with airports which are relied to offer the greatest segment inside the "ambitious" allowance with regard to in 2009.

Rapidly bumpy commence to his or her in time workplace, Mister Widodo continues to have many well-known service. And many elderly numbers with Jakarta business community assume a state-owned development corporations to help ****** ahead of time with paying for facilities assignments inside other half of the year.

Companies such as Axis Capital Group that sells as well as rent investment capital apparatus throughout Most of asia and is among the list of privately-owned organizations who has grown their organization to help Jakarta from the principal place of work throughout Singapore seconded the particular motion to go on together with the strategies. Axis offers pleaded its man shareholders to provide the land added time in order to meet its ideas as the result just isn't anticipated to remove shortly after implementation.

A variety of initiatives is already launched and it is ongoing to reality including a power vegetable program, All day and seaports while solution to the chain interisland gap along with Trans-Sumatra value path. As one can get, the direction to system is a pitted trip. Recover files from iphone
anastasiad Oct 2016
Your own firm's mission statement may have taken months regarding consideration. However frequently as soon as the statement is written, it can be nothing more than a collection of empty essay sentences. Worthwhile corporations assist motivational loudspeakers to give its goal claims genuine that means plus effect on organization overall performance. Compose an authentic Quest Affirmation Too many quest assertions usually are libraries associated with aphorisms, politically right dialect and pointless positive affirmations.

As soon as you remove your corporate-speak, will people quest report state anything at all? Take time to think about what are the actual principles of your respective business will be. Don't believe of your impression or precisely what the stockholders need. Ask exactly what the company absolutely shows precisely what it has the objectives need to be. If individuals principles usually are not obviously and concretely put into this vision assertion, then your affirmation has got failed. A legitimate goal statement delivers course for the measures of everyone inside corporation, coming from lowest revenue set staff to best professionals. It needs to encourage imagination, dedication plus commitment to the business's aims. The main target should be of what that states that not the way it appears to be. Communicate Your current Mission to Other folks Some sort of well-written vision report can be a effective encouragement nonetheless it can't are present alone.

It something more than to possibly be published with a cavity enducing plaque dangled in the firm bust area. The content needs to be carried towards the other business in addition to motivational loudspeakers are usually beneficial methods for that function. Peak performance audio system instil your business's goal using eagerness. They will converse not merely the language though the this means at the rear of these types of number of content which will signify your organization. They stress expenses these kinds of statements symbolize, placing the words in situation together with each day enterprise operations.

Employees can depend on the business's aims more readily any time introduced by way of inspirational speaker systems than if simply stay with me report. Staff members will not be your only goal. Prospects, stockholders, partners while others may be incorporated. These people view your business is regarding green dwelling involving playing cards. It is just a solid business using seem principles and also functioning ideas. Improve the solution A lot of mission claims expand stale. After they usually are trotted out and about to get first seeing, they are set aside in which that they assemble airborne debris. Everyone should be advised of your businesses targets often. It comes with a peace of mind verify hence the staff members may review if it is on track for their targets.

Many prosperous agencies make use of motivational audio system for you to reaffirm the company's assignment report during yearly gatherings. It is really an probability to tackle the corporation in general to get every person returning about the same webpage. However these much larger events ought to be formulated by way of frequent reminders to strengthen a objective from the imagination involving vip's and also personnel as well. A meaningful vision record supported by the enthusiasm plus mixing delivering presentations associated with competent following speaker systems will have a powerful good effect on the business's long run.
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David W May 2014
All is safe and sound,
All is well,
One thousand words down,
And forty-thousand to tell.
All is well.
A day’s good work done.
We can rest!
Set the tablet on the table,
Play me a song,
Let me rest my hands.

But what is this?
Where are the words?
That moment of revelation!
Crafted well over so many hours!
Hours spent sitting,
Mind close to breaking.
Oh, but AutoSave has something!
It must! It was running!
Or recover files lost somewhere,
Far in the depths of this hardware!
But alas! All is gone!
All those hours!
All I’ve done.

I could start fresh,
That would be best.
But those thousand words,
Have gone from my head,
And my thoughts bring me three,
To write down instead.
For all of my work, and all I had written,
*******, Microsoft!
Is all that I said.
This is a piece of flash poetry, written out of anger, which I had no desire to revise at the time. So if you have advice, I'd be happy to hear it, but it says what I want it to say. And beyond that I hardly give a **** at the moment.

— The End —