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JoyAndPain Feb 2021
i opened your file
and what i saw
was diferent than what i expected;

i saw that you were
sad, pained,
angry, confused;

i turned the page.
you were suffering,
afraid, and alone;

i looked at your photo,
it was diferent than the you i knew,
you looked terified and sad;

i printed a new sheet of paper.
it said that i would be your friend.
that i would be your friend no matter what;

i fastened the new page in the folder
cautiosly, caringly,
with a paperclip.
sorry if i spelled anything wrong.
Andrew Rueter Jan 2020
What is Free File?
Not someone sexually attracted to the inexpensive, that's a freephile.
Not the potions you start Diablo with, those are free vials.
Not a useful new shower pan, that's pre-tiled.
Free File is a deal between the government
and tax preparation companies like H&R Block
for the government to not create its own tax prep software
this software could be released for free
and the uniformity would benefit tax processing
but this would hurt—maybe destroy— the tax prepping industry.

The government capitulated... obviously.
The government asked for a concession from the tax preppers:
offer free tax prep to people in lower tax brackets
but clients are marks for siphoning
and the poor contain the largest pool of marks
so of course these financial advisors did everything they could
to hide financially beneficial information from their clients
of course Intuit just got in trouble for hiding TurboTax Free File
adding code to block it from Google and other search engines.

What is Free File?
A capitalist's answer to subverting capitalism
their product is antiquated
so they anchor down society
so it doesn't pass them by
multitudes of businessmen halt progress for selfish gain
automation frees us from soul-draining work we need to live
to pay bills to shysters who nickel and dime us.

In this age of hypercapitalism
where entire industries are built upon
lobbying the government to make progress illegal
the government's solution
is to ask these capitalists to sell their product for free.
Megan Parson Feb 2019
Once there was a file,
The file was used in a program.
Unfortunately, could never smile,
Digitally stuck in rolling RAM.

Wanting a life beyond the lab,
To be called more than just a tab.
Instead AMAZING, cool & fab,
Being able to dance & dab.

Tired of being cut, copied and pasted,
Duplicated, locked and wasted.
So s/he married a trojan,
And eloped, far from that dungeon.

To party with android & PUBG,
Feasting on apples & candy.

Living life in blissful entirety!
Bonjour my fellow poets & poetesses, i know its been long but my exams are finally over  *dab*  I wrote this poem in my computer lab, with the first 2 lines left behind by some kind soul. Love, Megan.
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
Look. ( those with eyes to see)
Look alive this day could be your last.
Look not a gift horse in the mouth.
Look not blue if happy times are past
Look through rosy glasses if in doubt.
Look in back,you’ll turn to pillared salt
Look one direction n paddle other way.
Look daggers at the man who is at fault
Look for that needle in a stack of hay.
Look,behold your words. Speak your mind
Written by Philip
Posted 30/10/2018.

2007 June 5th.  

Mission Impossible

Your mission should you choose to accept it?
May be tougher than total disease eradicated
Slower than abolition of third word poverty
No pinnacle as high as a career in true poetry

You will be deprived of all satellite navigation
Ostracised b friends n fair weather neighbours
Unarmed just words are your feeble protection
Your existence denied , should they ever get u

Let me warn you my brave poet friend
Take heed, you may think it no problem
Write all this free verse indeed w’ a vengeance
But once your outside defending fair maidens

Vanity n pride are left behind at your station
Your mind be clogged with a million quotations
This text , it destructs thru your own hesitation
Poet laureate you are not in my estimation.
Written by Philip. 1st November 2018.
lol you have a mission impossible
no matter this dawg gone pup
     took numerous took
     one after another cat nap
his utterly fatigued

     body electric still ragged
     as if he went without sleep for a lifetime,
     ensnared within a time warp,
     espied that aggravating "aw SNAP"

(error code instead of a webpage
     indicating Chrome happens to be
     experiencing problems loading)  
     or, simultaneously
     caught in a narcoleptic parent trap

thus, while a burst of energy
     temporarily doth prevail
(a priori which extreme fatigue
     of body, mind and spirit -

     more troublesome worse than -
     getting crucified
     with a rusty nine inch nail
alleviated with deep sleep finds

     much more tiredness
     than usual quotidian sleepiness
     bruiting this male)
     being imprisoned (for high
     gram matt tick crimes
     and misdemeanors) such as: comma, splices,
     dangling a modifier, splitting an infinitive,
     unnecessary parenthesis (), et cetera

     which landed me punctually,
     proverbially, and squarely in jail
fed thin gruel with grubs that didst flail
nauseating pluperfect revulsion
     each time hide exhale

which, many hours long rests did restore
for a bit of time only for totally tubular
     exhaustion to come roar
ring back leaving me tour
     charred as if...i fought in every major war.
anastasiad Nov 2016
Microsoft windows Stand out is actually a spread sheet app employed in Microsoft Windows plus Macintosh main system. That application software will help a persons to do complex data, produce graphics, pivot kitchen tables plus VBA development. Stand out outlets files and knowledge as .xls data files which might be additionally utilized to be able to edit, put in as well as up-date facts. Since XLS data files represent the source of information hard drive, hence there is a chance of info crime through these documents. Like every various other software application, Microsof company Excel is likewise liable to details corruption and can be broken. The most common reasons behind these files file corruption error inside Succeed information could possibly be add-ons, disease outbreaks, immediate method shut down, details inaccessibility and many others.

Once the Exceed record visits file corruption error celebrate complete files not reachable or perhaps fully harmed. To counteract loss of data situation, it is actually advised to prevent a new data backup copy each and every time your data is definitely residing in Stand out record. Copy for specific data file can be accomplished by way of clicking on the actual "save as" alternative contained in this discussion container. Within 'save as' submit order, mouse click tool> click Normal Option and pick out Often produce file backup check out box. Using this method warranties users with file backup documents which may straight away often be used any time expected.

Succeed may immediately produce a retrieval document on precise time periods whenever you make the Shine submit. An opportunity comes in your Tool->Options dialog pack. In the Conserve case, find the Help you save AutoRecover facts every test container, after which it stipulate a number of a few minutes. Indicate the positioning where you would like to help save the particular restoration file, while in the AutoRecover help you save site common box. As you move the process, likewise guarantee that your Get rid of AutoRecover examine common box less than Book possibilities is not determined. It truly is yet another way you can to remove the challenge of web data loss.

A intensity of deterioration while in the Surpass records may vary and sometimes, consumers will not become aware of the consequence of info data corruption while in the XLS information. In some instances, you turns into wholly cannot see or make adjustments in a Surpass report facts as being the records grow to be orphaned. However, it can be advised to apply the particular data backup files obtainable for Surpass data. This technique can help users to retain the info in addition to access these people. Taking into consideration the slow event, when the file backup becomes out of stock you intent to make by using computerized recuperation solution which maintenance XLS record.

To carry out computerized restore tool, you've often be embark on the following ways:

One particular. Click Open up within the Submit Selection.

A pair of. Look at the Open dialog package and make choice for the particular report to generally be launched, now click on the arrow beside the Start control key.

3 or more. Opt for start and fix pick the technique forced to retrieve this workbook.

The above procedure handles dealing with data problem troubles in many scenarios. Nonetheless, at times, this method is found inappropriate intended for recuperating info in addition to 3rd party methods be given measures. You should use RecoveryFix regarding Surpass Recuperation instrument that may completely maintenance Succeed submit using the make sure associated with zero loss of data. Zip File Password Online
anastasiad Nov 2016
Acronis is a known company while in the data backup business. Their particular product or service might fascinate quite a few users, especially organization buyers, who would like a great screen which allows them to manage your file backup to some considerable training course.

Acronis items many of the qualification features in which pertained insurance firms almost all on line copy products and services. As an example, the item takes advantage of a strong SSL exchange services, which will makes certain that this documents will not be intercepted and also seen over the file backup monetary contract. Them moreover gives a document boss aspect that permits one to slowly move the information together with versions in your copy line quickly. The features usually are quality generated and also respected, but there is very little regarding it that is certainly every several in the from the additional suppliers available.

You can actually post as much as 250 gb of info by a few different pc's while using Acronis backup system. It is a somewhat more adaptable in comparison with many of the supplemental offerings on the market, so far as the quantity of desktops it's easy to make use of, but 250 gb of knowledge storage is just not unbelievably significantly for the disk drive sizes of the majority of computer systems.


Acronis is made with a reliable service having a wonderful record. You don't have to feel anxious concerning these individuals closing upwards quickly and also the tech support team is actually available and extremely equipped. You can also find in depth assist means obtainable on the net that could ensure you get going with their items. The SSL layer together with the normal improvements for their assistance will also be rewards with regards to the security of their system along with the varieties of characteristics that it items.


Acronis has an really modest amount of backup spot for the cash. Permitting 5 home desktops to share with you any combined 250 gigabytes connected with area is rather improbable. This isn't services that is going to help you data backup all of your current video tutorials, photographs, sound recording as well as other records. When you 're a hefty multimedia system shopper, anyone Are actually not able to include every little thing you desire to the modest storing spot. In this regard, Acronis might be much better eventually left to people who just have terminology data files and also office environment docs to back up.


Acronis has an outstanding method of info facilities as well as remarkable tech support. Which means the data is normally protected by getting the business aside from that you really should not have any trouble being able to access it due to techie hurdles. Over and above in which, nonetheless, the company actually does definitely not produce a great amount with the wages which you throw away compared to precisely what added distributors are generally needing to perform because of their customers.


Acronis is usually a suitable program for those who have significant amounts of business office docs that they can need to back-up and this demand a basic, zero extras user interface that allows the crooks to accomplish that. You Are actually certainly not visiting identify nearly anything specifically undesirable about the Acronis program however you Happen to be not going to learn everything particularly good concerning it, both. The volume of informations storage they provide for any charge that they can charge is just not competitive with just what different suppliers are willing to provide customers. This is not a great unskilled and also terrible assistance, but a majority end users can easily learn better. zip file password recovery
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