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know that i have been patient,
tolerated lies in every statement;
don't ask me why this is the end.
1:35 am
Nyx 2d
I wanna hear your voice
***** away that mask called harsh reality
I wanna hear those sweet sounds
Break away the shell build to keep you from flying free

I wanna see you soar through the sky
Higher then the tallest buildings
I wanna see you fly away
So I can escape from all these uneeded feelings

I wanna stop this beating heart
Counting down a rhythm made only for you
I wanna stop these crying tears
Rip away the hope thats kept me going

All I can do is keep on running
Sick of trying to flee these futile feelings
I wanna see you by his side
Keep on flying by
Pretend you dont see a thing

These incoherant sentances, feelings
Keep on beating so strongly
Never faltering, Nor stopping to think
If we are going wrong

Raise one hand to the sky
Shout out with a loud cry
As we burst through this nightmare

Guide my way somehow
Cause I was lost before now
Desperately finding my way
Keep on trying you say

I'll become even stronger than I am now

I'm not sure what this is but the words were just falling out of me and I desperately needed to write it all down
I apologize if it makes no sense
You kissed me so tenderly
You held my face
Your lips so soft
Your saliva leaving a trace

On my lips that trembled
As a result of emotion
My heart beat fast
My hands began to sweat

When I opened my eyes
Yours were not closed
You kissed me so tenderly
In such a pose
Lost in the wilderness is where you found me;
far away from the roads of the ordinary.
I was there all by myself
and never thought I’d find anything or anyone else.
I was resolved to be content in my solitude;
determined that to live in emptiness was more than enough.
Then you came and showed me love.
You fought for me and gave me love.
You proved that love wasn’t broken at all
and for the first time in a long time I wasn’t lost.
Written on March 13, 2005
Composition number: 202
M-E 2d
I thought
but before, I took a pill to not
Thought in a screaming pillow
In a muddy grave and shallow
That mind that shall to think
began heating
That heart that shall to love
stopped beating
Not dead, I'm not
Just the pill's effect
The soulmate that I reject

Feeling weightless
Numbness throbbing in all limbs
Then eyes opened on a dream
Awake on the world's stream
Pouring in a cup that cannot be filled
Pouring grieve that cannot be milled
nor be healed.
I've put out his flames in an ashtray

I dreamed that one day I will wake up
Grow as my dreams grow up
Shrink as my hopes shrunk
Then realize it's another box.
Today,  the weather is
  grieving with me. I share my tears
  with the rain. I share my pain with the
  wind. I share my mood with the
  dark sky. Today, we have
  many things in
Tears and rain
damdamin mahirap wikain
dito sa tula aking isasatitik...

puso'y puno na ng sakit
sa damdami'y puno ng tinik

hiling ko'y inyo din' makita
itong sakit sa aking mga mata

sana'y inyo din' pakinggan
mga bulong na hikbi nitong puso

may katapusan ba itong
sakit na tila walang hanggan

tingin ko'y hindi na kaya
maari bang wakasan ko na..
Yves 3d
Her eyes were a sea of chocolate, trapping sailors one by one in the warmth they held. Unmistakably the most beautiful of the Seven seas. A loyal companion, they said. It never leaves, watching, acknowledging us in our light and our dark moments. They say, if you close your eyes, you will feel her nocturnal predominance, her luminary reflection, her constancy under all her phases, and if you concentrate hard enough, you may even hear the faint whispers of the lost souls who watch her, wishing to be seen, wanting to be listened to.

She smelt sweet, like an addiction yet to be discovered by man. A dependency so intoxicating that it was soon familiar territory for lethality to become prominent in her victims, as they desperately aimed to cleanse themselves of her – but trying to forget her was like trying to forget human instinct. It was like trying to forget to breathe.
Anne 3d
if dreams were real
like they said.

wouldn’t you
   meet me?
under                               *    
                                   *      *     *     *      *
                                   *         the      *   *
                          *      *      *          *    *      ­

                                    *        eiffel         *     *  
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                        *       *          t o w e r         *         *
                       *    *      *      *        *        *          *     *
                              *    where lovers meet.
whoops accidentally got deleted.
What can you do
When you can't give someone a third of what they deserve?
Where can you find some more happiness to fill their eyes?
Why does this seem to happen to me all the time? I meet someone amazing and yet I still feel like I'm not worth anyone's time?

But enough with the self deprecation
For once my heart and head are United, unlike the nations
But this sensation, this feeling won't go away like pain without aspirin or julie Andrew's in a shop for sashes

What can you do? Leave it all on the table and hope they grab it
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