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Axel 3d
your petals flew with the wind
chasing the birds that's flying
so you can taste the clouds on your skin
and I'll be down here waiting
hoping that you'd find your way back
even when we decided to sail
different route, my fleets going to south
and yours to north.

when one day we meet again,
I hope the war have ended
and the men are cheering of victory
even though the other side are burning
I hope our love will remain still;
even as a flower and a bee.
i hope we can still be friends :)
Axel 3d
I'm not saying dreams are a medicine
but I do feel better
when I'm somewhere else
running with my bare feet
on the hills chasing feelings
rather than awake but stay still
on the bed with soul in my eyes
going down to my cheek
as I think about how death is just a penalty.
I told the stars about you and how you glow in the nightsky,
They shown brighter with light expressing their jealousy and defy.
You are my northern star which guides me to my destination,
And a day without you is spend as a millennia of agony and vexation.
You are the cosmic energy which sets my soul on fire,
And the glow of stardust sprinkled on the blue sapphire.
You must be wondering why am I talking endlessly about stars and the sky above,
Because my darling they are the witness of my awaken nights spend in your love.
They won't speak on their own so I'll give them voices desire,
To tell you how they envy you for stealing their biggest admirer.
I just want to hide you in my arms and fly to the silver City,
Where it's only ous in the garden of Eden rewriting the history.
My words don't fall in place when I think about you and I mess up with the rhyme,
Maybe that's why I took you on this journey from the city of stars to the beginning of time.
You always complain about your flaws and end up in plight,
But sweetie if not for the world for me at the witching hour you're my Starlight.
Loud sounds
The mind
Sometimes everything seems the same
It seems like you're on my mind
Your eyes that glow so bright
Your lips so plump and soft
Your hands so soft and smooth

Our memories together flashes
Through my very eyes
Vivid yet so clear
Happy yet so sad

Hidden feelings ruined me
Every fiber of my being
Calls for your presence
I just miss you so **** much
When the depression hits
I suddenly become empty
It's like the world around me has stopped spinning
Life becomes dull
And at this point
I would do anything to feel something
Because the nothing is killing me
But then after awhile
When the nightmares start to fade
And my world resumes its rotation
All of the emotions start rushing back
And at this point
I would do anything to go back to feeling
I told you how I felt
You see me cry inside.
I just gave you my heart
in the palm of your hand.

I thought you don't care
what I was thinking about.
You didn't have a reaction,
but now I think it's fine.

How would you imagine
how bad I was feeling?
How would you know
what I needed to know?

I can't explain
what I really feel.
You can't see
what I really see.

It wasn't your fault,
Now I'm so embarrassed.
You just pay the price
for non-existent empathy.
Empathy doesn't exist if we cannot experience things from another perspective. It's an illusion, it's just an attempt at empathy.
Seema 3d
Darkness speaks a volume
In a tone,
That fumes my blood,
nurturing my energy
with the rhythm,
that's now, a song.
A tongue of voices
hovering to the tune
picking up the pitch,
that almost hinders the ruin.
A stigma touch
lost in the delusional vibes
with cries of glory
praising the lives.
A hit pandemic carcass
Brews with a story
We all know about...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Lydia 3d
I’m sick of my brain telling me no one cares
that no one really loves me and if I wasn’t around no one would notice
It’s told me this my whole life
For as long as I can recall memories
And as long as I’ve been old enough to think for myself,
my brain has lied to me so many times
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