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Amy Ems  Apr 2013
Amy Ems Apr 2013
reach into our past, 'cause
we don't wanna look back
feeling for the memories
enough of all the pain please

hoping for consolence
always feeling cold since
all that we were never
turned into forever

trying to remember
stirring dying embers
doing it the hard way
darling no we can't stay

'cause.... we're...

fading fading fading
into oblivion
we're fading fading fading
into oblivion

dreading my tomorrow
fed up with the sorrow
left it on the back porch
burnt it with a lit torch

we said it was the end
tired of playing pretend but
where are all the good days?
back when we were always

dreaming of the future
never thought of after

'cause.... we're...

fading fading fast
fading fading fast
into oblivion

stretching out the last bits
ignoring where regret sits
drifting off into space
i knew it was too late

'cause.... we're...

fading fading fading
into oblivion
fading fading fading
into oblivion.
a song i forgot i wrote
David W Jul 2016
The Defeat*

And so I wander,
Into fading trees,
As if to seek out shelter,
In gold shifting beams
My prayer for peace and solace,
Rises to the leaves,
And into fading trees I go,
To seek among the beams.

Why wander into fading trees,
To seek comfort where
No man’s angry foot has set
Or find some shelter, for,
No evil trespassed there.
Perhaps to fading trees I go,
To sleep beneath the beams.

Why into fading trees to flee,
At once,
To beneath shifting shadows find,
Or deep inside,
A place where broken things may hide,
Or high above.
So into fading trees I go,
Perhaps to learn to fly.

These fading trees their hair let down,
Their ancient heads they bow.
Amongst the fading trees I’ve found,
There is no comfort now.
Their gentle arms are withered up,
Their brilliant light died out,
Amongst the fading trees I’ve found,
All life has faded out.

So into fading trees I leave,
My love,
My prayer for peace and silence,
Their leaves will never hear,
I go to sleep, to die,
to live and let it be,
My fading trees have faded out,
That once had carried me.
A tribute to the oldest of friends.
Brandon Davis  Mar 2015
Brandon Davis Mar 2015
Like the last fire ember keeping is warm
For it is our only chance to survive
Like a generation of people
Killing rather than nurturing
Like a little boy's life
Running away from his future
As his past haunts him
And he cannot escape
Substance is the only way for him to get away
Pain is the only emotion he feels
Physical abuse wearing him down
Weeping his way to sleep
Food doesn't come often
Blatant neglect turns to crime
Empty, cuffed in the backseat
On the road to his new life
Jumpsuits were his only wardrobe
Though 3 meals a day were beneficial
In need of substance once again
Craving was intended this time
Lying there, cold
No more pain to feel now
As the sun behind the ocean
New life beyond the clouds
Like footsteps on the shore
Never to come back again