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Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
its camouflaged
its swimming there
in plain sight
its sitting there
its the mimic octopus
you don't know where
its hiding here its hiding there
the mimic octopus
you don't know where
Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
It breaches
with each massie breath
splitting the heavy
waves like nothing
now its gone
once in a lifetime
Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
Harry Potters every flavored jelly beans life is
rainbow eggs crowding the bowl
they taste weird
they are piles of dirt
so unexpected
“[they are] like a box of chocolates”
I don't know what the colors mean
they say they are lime, but i think they are apple
I now know they were grass
life will always confuse me
Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
The busy streets flowing like water.
The friendly smiles walk past.
All of it works in unison.
stores, heat, clockwork.
The whole city itself works like a bee hive.
I wish i could live there forever.
Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
The sky was dark and full of ash
the fields are all on fire.
The rocks landed with a big crash
‘been running now I'm tired.

The world went dark, the food is spent,
there’s nothing left for me.
My herd ran off and I was left.
And now I cannot see.

The world is black, the ash is strong,
the heat makes me feel faint.
I cannot hear the other songs,
can’t breathe without complaint.

I stumble far but cannot think
of how it all must look.
I feel the death, I’m on the brink,
this whole world just shook.

I’m all alone, I cannot feel
I yell, no one can hear.
I lay there, shed my final tear,
and slowly fall asleep.
Heli Colmenares May 2012
The end,
     sad and lonely,
Finishes and concludes
parts of speech
Heli Colmenares May 2012
A flower,
     colorful and open,
Grows and spreads
parts of speech
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