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Pardeep Sep 2016
i wonder
if i'm dreaming, so
i pinch myself,
you're always
still there with me,
holding me afloat.
even then,
i can't help but fear:
what if
we're forced apart
i drown?
sometimes a life preserver isn't enough to float ashore.
Pardeep Aug 2016
i kept lying to myself
"everything will be the same"
but after you left
everything changed
the lies we tell ourself only make the pain hurt more.
Pardeep Aug 2016
as our love derails
the sparks
ignite a fire
burning your touch
it stings my skin,
torching your memories
it clears my brain,
scorching my heart
you char to ashes
you are extinct to me.
Pardeep Aug 2016
the words of judgement
spurring out of your mouth
doesn't hurt the one being judged
the way it reveals your insecurities
there is an illustration with this, but I can't place it here. you can check it out on my instagram or Facebook page
Pardeep Aug 2016
we are in love with
who we think we are
instead of
who we really are
Pardeep Aug 2016
little drops
of your love
stained my body

a reminder of who
we use to be together

now wash away
with the waves
of healing
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