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Carolina P Jul 2015
My heart was a firecracker
And you had lit my fuse
Foolishly, I stepped too close to the sparks
And then I was blown apart by your flame
Cori MacNaughton Jul 2015
Explosions in the Sky
bringing renewed hope
for our humanity
The sixth of seven poems written this morning.
Shout out to Explosions in the sky, the outstanding instrumental band from Texas.  Check them out if you don't know them.
River Scott Feb 2015
The noise
the light
the excitement

Chemicals mixing
creating explosions
and color

Fourth of July
New Year's Eve
all nights to spend with you
and watch the sky light up

I really hate the word fireworks.
Devon Jan 2015
the soul reels
against the borders of body
as i am reduced
and again
to elegant explosions

the driving,
of flesh
upon flesh
melts thought
and i'm caught
in the now

now -

Now -


*and i'm gone...
Hollow Steve Oct 2014
You explode on impact. The dying wait for your return. The masses covered in body parts and blood. The resting place for an eternal sunshine. It crawls up your spine, and whispers down your ear. You refuse to listen, but they still won't give up. You won't give in. If blood is what they want, blood is what they'll get. It dwells from within. A star explodes and then all went dim.
Kate Deter Jul 2014
I want to write something deep and poetic
About the fireworks I saw.
But all I can come up with
Is the physical attributes—
The seeing that I did,
The hearing that I did,
The feeling that I did,
The experiencing that I did.
Red comets shot upward
In a slight arcing path
To explode in brilliant light
And rain down upon the spectators.
There’s a hush of anticipation in the audience
Between the moment they notice
The curling smoke trail,
The breathtaking visual display,
And the slightly delayed KERPOW
As the firework’s sound
Finally makes its way through the air.
Each exploding fragment
Fizzles through the air with a quiet hissing,
Competing with the screeching
Of the next firework going up.
It’s almost kind of sad:
Each firework aims for the sky,
Reaches as high as it can go,
Leaving behind bits of itself as it does so,
But hits some invisible ceiling—
Some fireworks’ ceilings
Are higher than others—
And that is their maximum.
They can take no more,
They cannot reach the sky,
They cannot reach the stars,
They cannot reach their brethren,
And so they explode in their sadness or anger;
But in doing so,
They light the way for others.
Deneka Raquel Jun 2014
I manage my time better than I manage my emotions.
Proceed with caution, there might be an explosion,
Like I'm made of vapors of Flammable and Combustible Liquids.
They say the longest rope has an end.
But do not tempt me with rope,
Because if it gets too hard,
I. Might. Just. Use. It.

© Deneka Thomas . All rights reserved
Nicole Walsh May 2014
I never understood why people compared
kisses to fireworks
until i knew what it was like
to want someone so much
that all you could feel inside you
were explosions.
Marly May 2014
she expected
f  i  r  e  w  o  r  k  s
when she first kissed him.
little did she know that she was going to become the fireworks.

she was an easy target, and he had good aim.
as soon as she f
into his grasp, he was quick to send her back from where she came.

crowds gathered.
fathers' hands silenced their children's mouths as his loaded her into the mortar.
mothers' hands covered their children's ears as his lit the fuse.

she was shot forward by a merciless puff of dragon's breath,
and as she looked over her shoulder,
she saw the ash leaking from his nostrils.

stars beckoned to her.
glimmering, shimmering, shining stars extended their fiery hands to her already outstretched ones.
she rose higher and higher,
filling her lungs with the last bit of oxygen that was left,
and screamed.

he screamed.
her flaming body parts rained down in the form of asteroids, striking him.
stars spelled out her name and pulsed weakly like his dying heartbeat.
they both went from "are" to "were" in a matter of seconds, and everyone knew that their chemical reaction was triggered by fireworks.

— The End —