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Sally A Bayan Mar 2019
1:00 am, 3:00 am ... most nights,
thirty minutes without warning,
restless air, chokes the pipes
when controlled, it explodes in bits
of yellow, orange , dark red and gray
skull seems to crack ... or , is it breaking now?
a darkness follows a wheezing,
desiring to spew all malaise  
expelling bad air, while chasing fresh air
praying a stillness soon rules .... . but , no,
the painful exertion persists
that  disturbing noise just goes on,
and racks one's whole being ... one's world
every rib quivers ... every fiber throbs  
eyes and veins start to bulge
as if to burst on their own...

,, ,, , for a while, a calm occurs ... yet ,
another dreaded episode lurks...

on a dark, restless night such as this,
one can only imagine
~ ~ ~ the undulating waves ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ and the blue waters ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ of the tranquil sea ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
March 20, 2019

#dreaded episodes  #malaise  #severe cough
Abigail Hobbs May 2018
Waves come crashing, as do
memories of you
How shall I remember you?
The oncoming and dreaded storm
that sends birds to other seas
to be far from it
the gentle breeze
just gracing the sands
letting the birds glide, their
wings singing so freely
maybe I'll stay here a while longer
soaking in these waves
Because, well,
what else shall I do with all of them?
Monica Lara Mar 2015
The worst thing that can happen in a long distance relationship is when you stop receiving texts without a warning.  You immediately notice but try to play it off.  You start telling yourself excuses like "maybe they're busy" or "they're just having a bad day".  
But that day turns into a week;
one week turns into two;
two turns into three...

You finally ask them what's going on.  You see your phone go off but you're too scared to read their reply. Six minutes later, you finally read it:
"I'm trying to use my phone less"
Normally, you wouldn't think too much of it.
But then you realize
The only way you can communicate is by phone...

— The End —