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murderous war fiends
pleasure in lethal pursuits
they know not of pity
I caught fleeting glimpse
of her throughout the day,
She lingered by the water's edge,
with another group, their tale yet unsaid.
A megaphone blared brazen attitudes to the air,
A bottle of Buckfast was her chalice to bear;
She supped that viscous liqueur,
It's contents  not as dark as her charcoal hair.
By the Spanish Arch as daylight subsided, we drank
and wandered among the intoxicated.

Then the guards came
and chased us all away.

A street-party was going down in The Latin Quarter.
Tides of people made it hard to get around. Deftly,
I waded through the massive crowd
to find friendly revelers in the tavern above.
Later, across the way in our favourite pub,
She resurfaced, megaphone still going,

Her eyes spoke volumes of venturous exploits,
This night but a chapter in a tome of conquests.

Those pupils that glimmered
had something magic in them:
A soft disregard for the world
and calm anticipation.
My love my sweetheart my prime time
Be ready to commit some innocent crime
We are in the lap of intoxicated clime
Let love take your beauty on its rhyme

Fragrance of youth takes its deep roots
Let us pluck together all lovely juicy fruits
Let us dance and dangle on all love routes
We through beauty are in real love pursuits

Take your time to sail thru ocean of odds
Be careful of all ***** tricks and all frauds
Lust and greed are in search of marauds
Let my love pass through all beauty squads

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyrights 2016 Golden Glow
Amitav Radiance May 2015
Dangerous pursuits of the heart
Through the rough terrains
Life’s edges are exhilarating
Hanging from the faint hope
Breathtaking view of the uncertainties
Never a boring moment
Life that comes with exciting moments
In the pursuit, one may find treasures
Away from the humdrum
There may be fewer travelers
Dangerous pursuits are for the valiant hearts
Jaclyn Nov 2014
Tender pursuits
by shortened expression
And personal amusement.

Pleasure was channeled
by uncanny imagination.

Ignorance was developed
with years
of sheltered nurture.

Endeavors were focused
Through heartened dreams
Waiting eternities to age.

Life is starved of dignity,
Lead by the breath of humanity,
And trailed by my past.

Kindness overshadowed
by needless mockery.

Confidence diminished
Through thoughtless faults.

Purity saturated
with uncertain willingness.

Competence choked
from the flairs of society.

Independence is a necessity
Steered by Today,
Speckled by yesterday.

Motivation should dictate
my verdicts,
And challenge perils.

Agonies lifted
Through sanguinity

Virtue grown
Only through praise
From the satisfaction of many.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Immersed in today
Is the root of my future.

— The End —