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When the heat
Meets, torso to torso
The body experiences
A feeling of whoa

Meets, pelvis to pelvis
The body experiences
Pain and ecstasy

Greets, for both bodies
The body endures and senses
A sweet sensation
The world has made you feel like an abandoned church but in my eyes you’ll always be a cathedral.
Don’t leave me sitting here alone because no amount of ***** or morphine will ease the pain.
I stood in the rain patiently awaiting your arrival but then I eventually realised that you were the rain.
Your darkness balances out my light, and that’s one of the things that I love about you.
The ocean in your eyes reminds me of the colour of the sky and how I want to dive into the depths of you.
Let me romance you all over again so that you can feel the moment you first fell in love with me.
I want to write poems for you again so that you remember the feeling of losing your breath at the emotions they brought.
I know you miss the smile you once held while falling asleep and the sense of hope and love I brought to your world of loneliness.

You cannot seem to remember how you got to loving me, it all seems to be a distant memory.
What you feel is real but there once came a point in your life where detachment became the only way to cope.
Now I’m standing in front of you with the purpose of providing love and hope.
I know you miss the smile you once held while falling asleep to beautiful poems and peaceful dreams.
Don’t leave me behind because love like yours is hard to find and my words can attest to this.
I once said that you seem to ruin anything good going for you but that’s a lie.
Chances have already been given so let’s both start over because my heart says that you’re the one.
I was yours already way before you asked, "Be mine perhaps?".
You push me to my breaking point,
you are the reason to majority of my anger states
You go beyond the limit of my forgiving boundary
And i'm still here

So you can't say it's my fault,
when this anger is released
But i'll still be here
He held the glass to his head,
and had a stressed look.
The Laughter Echoes,
the Music Thumps,
He, out of the ordinary,
Has That look on his face,
He's been through betrayal,
Cornered Lies,
and an act of A clown
He notices How much he desires.
The superstitious,
all and about
But who, that gullible?
Come forth ye,
and lend me your ears!
I tell of a superstitious being!

Born and raised she was,
with the superstitious act,
was it external?
Or internal?

She told once her superstitions,
one out of numerous times,
what doubt I was in!

The superstition dumbfound itself,
hearken her superstitions!
The pride she carries within them!
Young and wild
Assure a teaching immense
The creed of Youth is yet *bitter
I need my youth
Of a time where we'll speak honesty
but honesty doesn't come easily
Suspicion, suspicion,
Bitter, neurological, physical
What *scare!
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