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Maria Etre Dec 2016
I have never enjoyed
the rain as much as I did
the night I bumped
into you
walking adamantly
to a destination
that I wished
with mine
Single Serving Love Bursts
- Jul 2016
I was immersed in you

For a hot moment

Until the rains came

And when the fog lifted,

I was rebirthed

And sank
Number 28!!
Alan S Bailey Feb 2016
There are thousands of cars everywhere, parked,
Some to the sides, others facing each other,
The outside a gloomy dark grey haze,
The sun casting a pale empty light over the
Desolate, bleak landscape of sand far away.
Hundreds of empty cars, an end-days scene,
This dark tunnel unbelievable as can be,
I'm looking for a cause of all this I'm seeing,
Suddenly these angry glossy eyes of "the thin one"
Right before me, in an instant I see him staring back
At me, like a preying mantis? It's something unreal.
*But this is how I found out about them in my dream.
I see you,
She said.

She looked me in the eye
She knew I needed the validation
More today than most days.

She didn’t really think about it.
Didn’t need to think about it.

She is going to be alright in the world.

This world is going to be alright with her in it.
A barista took my dinosaur coffee mug.  I use it for tea.  She complimented how 'cool' it is, and shared that I 'must get that a lot'.  I said that's why I bring it to every coffee shop...
The starry lit clouds
shy and shinny
captured on the
nearby cherry tree branches

reflected your Apollo locks glitter
you pressed me on a barren trunk
your torso became a burning tree
trying to cool in a pond full of lava

Your tongue played rose~***
mary magic ~on white satin hills.
My back hurt a bit, scratched,
the blouse finger blown, open.

And then. . . the real tempo started to begin. . .
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic lover
Emma-Leigh Ivy Aug 2015
What should I do?
I want to be naked for you.
There is nothing here to hide.

I just need some time
to get used to your eyes
taking in every detail in my design.

I have so much rushing through my mind. . .

What do I do?
Standing here naked for you,  
holding my breath as I try to read the signs.

I don't mean to seem preoccupied
because I'm really feeling you.
I just can't stop from running through
all the things that could change your mind. . .

I could reach divinity,
go swimming in sublimity,
or the beauty of simplicity made intricate by you.

If I could only let it go
and take a leap of faith.
Bring myself to risk the chance
of crashing into empty space. . .

What should I do?
Now that I'm naked for you,
arms thrown open at my sides.

No more secrets left to hide. . .
Amy May 2015
It wasn't until I was 20,
feeling down and out,
that I realized something important.

Self Worth Matters.

I had spent so many days
drawing my worth from others
wasting my time for 20 years.

Life does not offer a guarantee
that everyone we encounter will stay.
The only one we live with forever,
is ourselves.

I realize now that I shouldn't have spent all that time
all of those years
putting my happiness into other people's pockets.
Happiness comes from within, not without.
Never forget it.
Chelsea Dec 2014
We sit outside 
Gazing at clouds
. Hoping for that eye. 
That caught spark from a swirl of flames
. Reaching for air, climbing high.
This beer gets me going. 
I’m left in my thoughts delving deep in a pool of my character where I hope to fish out that perfect line reeling you in for a time of storytelling. 
And there, I caught you. quick. with a gentle sting. only to let you go. 
But, darling don’t forget that I am as real as you and still enjoy the company of honesty. 
At every moment, I am trying to make history that shall remain and make me feel whole for a while. 
Every intimacy a poem.
Every memory a piece of the puzzle.
Completing my world, frame by frame.
This ocean of faces.
 Some come. Some go. Some remain. 
But Me, Myself and I all are one in the same. 
For in this world, me and myself, live for a very unique discovery.
 The Me prodigy. 
The more love spread the easier it is to see.
Sam Oct 2014
Two people walk into a bar:

A woman, early twenties, permed-up, puffed-out hair

Horn-rimmed glasses thicker than coke bottle bottoms

Fresh out the ivory tower eager to learn eager to become who she needs to be

Parlez-vous français? She does,

Her tongue speeding over conjugated verbs

Flying effortlessly through another language, she is ready

To move to Paris, la ville de l’amour,

The City of Lights, the City of Untold Possibilities

She is ready, she thinks,

To fall in love.

A man, earlier twenties, close-cropped, clean-shaven hair

Sea-green eyes and 20/20 vision-placid ocean

Fresh out Basic Training eager to act eager to become who he needs to be

Do you read me, Sir? He does,

His spine rigid from standing straight and tall,

Hand crooked at his forehead in an involuntary salute, he is ready

To build fighter jets with his oil-stained hands

To build a life for himself with his carpenter’s fingers

To build a house on the stability he thrives in

He is ready, he thinks,

To let someone in.

Two people walk into a bar:

A man, an Army graduate, an old soul

A woman, a College graduate, a kind soul

Guitar riffs floating from the jukebox drift through the air,

Playing the background music for newfoundlove story.

Two people walk into a bar:

Friends introduce them to each other,

She thinks, Those green eyes sparkle with the sun freckling his cheeks

Reddening his hair.
She thinks, Maybe he’s the one.

He thinks, That perm really works for her frames her face what a pretty smile.

He thinks, Maybe she’s the one.

Two people walk into a bar:

Sit down, have a drink,

Share some laughs, funny stories,

Break the ice with awkward questions,

Eat some food, too shy to share it

Get some drinks, guzzle liquid courage,

Dance to the jukebox buzz

Look a little silly but pretend they don’t care.

They don’t care.

Two people walk into a bar:

Maybe they leave hand-in-hand,

Maybe they hug goodbye at the door.

Maybe they think about each other and call right away.

Maybe they set up more dates, more bar trips, more laughs.

Maybe they already know that they are in love.

Two people walk into a bar:

Their history writes its own punchline.
This is a poem about my parents' first meeting, inspired by the CAMP prompt. They are one of the first examples I have of what true love looks like, so this is for them. The spacing is weird, so I'll work on that in a bit.
Ariel Oct 2014
First Meetings

First meetings,
open doors,
first time my eyes explores.
my heart thumps,
my breath quickens,
be gone jitterbugs and good riddance.

First meetings,
doors wide open,
words kept close,words unspoken.
life is short, so keep it simple.
keep your heart like its a temple.

First meeting,
doors arise .
I see the upcoming demise.
I see it in  your eyes.
the windows of your soul are shining back.
the windows of your soul are ready to attack.

First meetings ,
your heart sets ablaze of wonder and fun.
your spirit like thunder,
your heart just a blunder ,
it went off like a gun.
It shot me straight in the heart,
you shot so straight you almost tore me apart.

first meetings,
cautious doors,
no time to be explored.
First meetings, first encounters, first loves.
~When there’s a first remember there's always a last.
~When there’s a first remember there's always a last.
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