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Colm Feb 2020
My bliss palpable
Is the chaos of their shared
Collective coffee
After weeks of responsibility and such. I am extatic at their organized chaos. And my proximity to it. Lol.
Mary Shanti Oct 2018
Half calf with a twist
As the line stands
Thinking she is a superimposed *****
Foregoing on

Waist like an elastic band
Hair waving hello in it’s pinkness
Homeless man coming in
Something about Romans and Euripides
As if in a round about
Circle the store like a hovered cloud
Then out again

The rocker dude sipping his tea
The older man in the corner
Who constantly leaves
Wandering where one can’t see
Trailing behind his laptop and keys
Somewhere in this madness loop
Latte’s and Macchiato's brew
And I
With a child's flair
Take it all in, while I throw back my hair
Terry Collett Mar 2016
Johnny likes
the back corner seat
in the cafe

it gives a good view
of those entering
and leaving

and a good view
of the baristas
as they work

at the bar
the Clara Bow

with her black hair
and cute cut

and dark eyes
and thin

indecipherable smile
and in the background
the piped Baroque music

or sometimes jazz
setting feet to tapping
but this day

the barista is
the short girl
with the Italian twang

who gets
the orders right on cue
and who knows

your requirements
before you say
on a good day

the tattooed barista
has gone
his favourite gaze

to watch her work
and talk and smile
and the glitter

in her eyes
she works

for other men
to watch
and stare.
I see you,
She said.

She looked me in the eye
She knew I needed the validation
More today than most days.

She didn’t really think about it.
Didn’t need to think about it.

She is going to be alright in the world.

This world is going to be alright with her in it.
A barista took my dinosaur coffee mug.  I use it for tea.  She complimented how 'cool' it is, and shared that I 'must get that a lot'.  I said that's why I bring it to every coffee shop...

— The End —