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MisfitOfSociety Nov 2020
This is going to sound crazy,

I think I saw an alien yesterday.

I was kissing my wife when all of a sudden she changed form in front of me.
She was looking like a grey, scaly Asian grandma with Kardasian lips and eyes as black as holes.
Not only are the aliens infiltrating our governments but they are infiltrating my love life as well.

The reptilian leaned in, speaking without words.
Like it was talking in my thoughts.
He reached out to me,
And we ascended into his flaming Dorito in the sky.

We went from 0 to 300,000 miles per hour in the split of a second.
I think I saw a military pilot as we were passing by.
He tried to catch us, but we escaped in the blink of an eye.

Visitor from the Zeta Reticuli?
Or perhaps something inter dimension?

He took me to meet his family,
They had a message for me.
They were the ones who gave rise to humanity.
They think our fear of death is kinda funny.

They were so welcoming,
All about peace, love and understanding.
They do not understand war,
They don’t understand us at all.

I woke up the next morning back in my bed.
I can’t remember what happened,
I think they put something in my head.
My great grandmother thinks I was abducted.




But the media would have you believe I am.
They twist my words to make them sound insane.

It wasn’t a man in a rubber suit.
Please believe what I say.
You believe me don’t you?
It was a mother ******* Roswell Grey.




But since It was not on the tv.
It’s not welcome in your reality?

Go ahead and ridicule me,
Try and keep me quiet.
But I know what I saw,
And I will never deny it.

We’re not alone.
We share a home,
With another life form.
They’ve been here for a very long time.

Is there life out there?
I want to believe.
Beam me up, Scotty.
I want to leave.
Karijinbba Sep 2020
So tired of this skin color hair
creed social status divisions
malice biggotry greedy
Shady manners
The haves and have nots
worldwide strangeness!
The massive mile nature burnings
mysterious volcanic eruptions.
popping up
glacial s melting crumbling
This masked face
pandemic new world order
in the midst of it all!

O how I long
to take my loved ones
a few trustworthy friends
and fly out this ugly cris-cross
chemtrail sky covering all stars
killing natural cloud's
on matrix mother Earth's
slippery slopes
ever closer to the sun

Earth's being kissed
by Mercury and Venus
no courageous ruller
to tell us the end's truth
that we must fly out
soon to boldy go
out to the stars.
Copy Rights apply.

Hollywood Sep 26 2020. HOT as hell the sun seems larger closer brighter hitter.
The army airplanes for years now pound the sky with some cloudy clouds material. It's strange noone tells us how this helps. We hardly have oxigen keft. Amidst pandemic covid 02-19 forest by billion mikes are being destroyed burned.b
I feel its on purpose. Without oxigen cancers will **** many people.
there's a malignant secrecy by government s worldwide I fear the worst but believe God exists and wont allow evil to prevail..
Charu Singh Jun 2020
Ring of fire,
Displacing up high in the sky,
And I go on to ask,
What is it and why?

Some call it God's miracle,
Authorities declare it a weather balloon,
But deep down my heart goes into lagoon.

I keep on to question it,
Are their alien being inside of it.

My mind disagree to what they say,
I very well know it's the UFO on the way.
I'm a rare One..

I am one of those drones who always
seem to fly underneath the " Radar "
In everything I do or attempt to do
I go undetected by the all-seeing Eye
of the critical masses
*ATTENTION!! This is a fair *WARNING!!
Tune me out at your own risk!
Cause I'm like a UFD
( An Unidentified Flying Disc )
Or.. more commonly known as.. a UFO
For U R..  Unaware
Nor.. can you see or hear me
Because I'm flying on dimensional air waves that are set and assembled near the Stairway to HEAVEN
Residing in the 5th 6th & the 7th Dimension
( Or somewhere in-Be-tween )
So Please!! Tell me?
What does your so called NFZ
( No Fly Zone ) even mean to someone as stealthy as ME x E ? ( My Ego times Eternity )
I hope no one gets the wrong idea about me after reading. When I wrote this I was in a place of searching and self-seclusion that was the state of mind I was in at the time. I don't know if it was a good or bad place. But I do believe that this was a projection of all of the emotions that I was feeling within the present moment of writing down my thoughts
I can see it
right there at the edge of sanity
hovering like a giant black stone
against the early morning Sun
I notice because I always notice when they appear
my attention drawn to that one spot
in the vast open sky
it moves slowly as I reference it's location
just to the left of a jet's vapor trail
I reach for my phone to get a photo as I'm driving
slow down as I take a ramp
point in it's direction and snap off a pic
I attempt to take another
but it is gone
I wonder if I caught it before disappearing
five minutes later I park
check my phone
and there it is
quite small
but there it is
I got you my friend
extraterrestrial hide and seek
I've been playing this game since I was a kid
this just happened on the way to work this morning which is very close to Dulles Airport. I tend to see unusual aircraft or whatever in this area quite often
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