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Merope Angel Oct 2019
you make me want to **** you
its never something that id do
but you keep on almost killing me
blood set loose
so set me free
I see no freedom in the pain
your life is quick and surely vain
I sense your so old you cant cope
I see your life lost with no hope
don't intend everyone
Sheik Hazi Mar 2016
My Honey,
I don't have words to intend,‎
Me and my thoughts append,
Don't know when everything gets end,
As my Life and death will defend.

As long as my heart wills to beat, ‎
Till that time my life will exist,
Living away from you,
Dying hundred times,
Whenever I miss you.‎‎
celey Jul 2015
"c'mon! i dare you," i repeat more tauntingly than the last
and pull the trigger, he did.
the gasp i let out echoed.
he couldn't have intended on killing me, right?
that was just to make me suffer a little..
he knew how many bullets there were, right?
"right. there. i just made you suffer a little."
no biggie

— The End —