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Tanya Aug 26
there was a pirate on a wooden ship
whose heart loved the depths of the sea
who danced to a siren’s song
all alone
under the silver moon tone
he whispered stories to the waves
told them how much and where he aches
and the sea listened in the silence
of its humble rhythm
the sea loved the pirate
but salty water wound heals not
a man needs a land to settle,
wood to build a home,
a woman, not a siren
lakes, not seas
so the pirate turnt his ship
into a home where he could live
sometimes he would come to the sea
carrying flowers from his garden
waving at the waves
from some foreign shore,
feet in sand

there was once a pirate on a wooden ship
whose heart loved the depths of the sea
Tanya May 21
dark scene of shattered sand
blanket for one lays thrown on it
a face so familiar
so distant
feasts upon the depths of my sea

where like fallen stars
jellyfish and comets are slowly
burning down
a sea of present past
stormy caressing waves

I wanted to drawn
in you
with you
in us

I went to catch you
alas, I cut my hands
a rock.
Tanya May 17
I gave a name to all the pains
I went through in the name of you

Eye opening
Sensory depriving
Not okay


Tanya Oct 2019
My hand will forget
how to hold onto Yours
and You will slowly fall
into the unknown
forgotten land
of a broken heart’s
Tanya Sep 2019
Eyes feasting upon mine
as if a distant universe
collided with my body

coldness causing fire
and lips eager to drink the flame

in one shared breath.
Tanya Aug 2019
sometimes I could feel my speech as vast as a desert
where all the sand grains wouldn’t have been enough for me to speak the oasis of my mind

and other times

I could feel my speech as a desert-
infertile and empty,
spitting words like a camel,
knocking on a door
behind which
the reply was never home.
Tanya May 2019
Your eyes asked me
what Your mouth was
brave enough not to dare

“Have we met before?
because I think I know You from somewhere. ”
I found me in You
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