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Tanya May 16
you kept me feeding
on hope and dreams
and like a starving child
I ate.

You kept the door open
the key thrown away
and like a homeless person
I entered.

You kept the fire burning,
with each word of love you spoke,
trembling, unable to get warm,
You held my body close

but kept water closer.
Tanya May 12
I baptized every corner of my room
with the holy tears i cried
over you.
  May 12 Tanya
There existed no switch to turn it off
No such component in a Poet's thoughts
The deepest of meditation
Is but a Poet's contemplation

Words bleed from all we see
Beauty, laughter and sorrow
Forever set poetically free
My Friends!
This is what we were meant to be!
Traveler Tim
Tanya May 12
I can no longer endure the dreadful sound of jazz.

It pains my ears, this rusted, broken pipe
leaks acid straight onto my heart.

In our quicksand of memories I silently sink
and my room seems so dark, so cold and empty
that all the demons from the corners left me,
and you alongside,
with the creatures of the night.

“no, no they can’t take that away from me”

****, i wish they could.
the way we slow danced,
held hands,
loved each other’s glance,
laughed ‘till three
and all those
Tanya May 11
would you sell your mother for some cash?
watch her getting stripped, misused and harassed?
playing deaf to her calls for help
while greedy men cut her wild hair,
while they dig deep into her soils,
reaching for gold and precious oils
that simply didn’t come for them
but they search all over again,
would you close your eyes when
you meet her desperate stare ?
begging for some help,
praying to be saved ?

day after day
ignorance takes over care
as her once fertile skin
turns gray,
her tears face
skin wrinkles and fades
the life she gave you once breaks
under the pressure of her overheat,
but why bother?
she’s just a money-making machine.
you take, you greed, you win.

would you sell your mother for some cash?

then why do you sell our nature ?
take care of our nature.
mind your personal choices as they influence our world.
take action to change them.
take action to help our mother
  May 10 Tanya
listen to my heart
it only beats for you

listen to my voice
because i speak the truth

listen to my apology
because i really mean it

listen to my pain
because only you can stop it

listen to my love
because i have no one else to give it to

listen to my tears
because they are meant for you
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