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Zetolgam Aug 2020
Got the kids and stopped *******
Four times a year you get *******
Forcing yourself for my pleasing
Truth is that you **** at *******
Leaving me always for fapping
So many years still not knowing
At least do a bit of upskilling
Go online and get on reading
Use videos if you prefer watching
My cues are also worth listening:
- Comment as you're tasting
- Time to time pause for starring
- Be generous with licking
- Also do a bit of *******
- Do not finish up spitting
- Kiss me if not swallowing
If you can't handle the praising
Let's instead do some facesitting
Head slotted onto your opening
A lesson on oral I'll be teaching
Devouring until you let go shacking
Anyway, in parallel, *******
Get those pleasure juices flowing
To see you orgamiscaly smiling
Set of rhymes for my wife
Zetolgam Aug 2020
*** life gone conceptual
My loved one now asexual
Online erotica and poetry
Supports for monogamy
Relieving some tension
Building up the frustration
Mind set on one finality
Bring back her sexuality
Suggestions welcome on both the poem and the question behind it
Zetolgam Aug 2020
A life of little pleasures,
Settling in as normality
Restrained is couple leisure,
I want to love you fully

A concording family quartet,
Getting there wasn't easy!
To this, our love a threat?
I want tranquility

Just some small incisions,
To reclaim our sexuality
Off with the procreation,
I want a vasectomy
Zetolgam Aug 2020
Remains of times we were apes
Protecting our genitals with a drape

Soothing areas of friction
When our bodies are in action

Shaving it all put in question,
Necessity or cultural pression?

Will it make our bodies roar,
Or just be a pointless chore?

Anyway count on one thing
Hairy or not, I'm coming!
Zetolgam Aug 2020
Through this round hole an encounter,
A tense body part looking for kisses
The success my mouth will garner,
My skilled tongue never misses
Zetolgam Aug 2020
A life together so short lived
Yet many things to experience
Of our tree of ****** wisdom
You are my forbidden fruit
Delicious proscribed delicacy
Leading to my ****** satiety
Accessible yet untouchable
For fear of the consequences
I'm abusing diverse outlets
To let go of the frustration
Hoping daily for a derogation
As I crave for a juicy bite
Zetolgam Aug 2020
Treasure my **** in your mouth
Engulf it slowly with your lips
Negate this gagging reflex
Delight on my hot *****
Enjoy the taste of it
Running down
Wrote as the opposite, in tone and shape, of my other poem "Brutal"
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