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Rama Krsna Sep 18
looking down
to spot my shadow,
i glimpse
your slender silhouette instead.

my orange tip butterfly!
this ain’t a sleight of light,
as dreams merge
our souls unite,
leaving our tanned bodies tangled
in a titillating state of tantric union

© 2021
inspired by nature on a beautiful walk through central park  yesterday
PM Sep 7
Some days we wake up on a bad note.
We don't know why, it just happens.
When even the littlest thing can set you off.
For this, all I need is some space to breathe.
To just be alone, away from the world
From the noise of society that drowns me.
Who with their grasp hold me tight as we sink.
Rama Krsna Sep 11
just knowing you’re back
in time for the falling leaves,
perks up these pink roses in my room.
this city’s tap water feels a tad wetter,
even the meek new moon seems a lil’ brighter.

as the evening zephyr waltzes
across this moody park,
it seems to carry with it
a message of love, a beaming smile and knowing’s silence,
spruced with a whiff of those black orchids.

© 2021
“no point in living if you don’t feel alive”
Rama Krsna Sep 7
🎁         if mere words              🎁
🎁      could only deliver           🎁
🎁 how i really feel about you 🎁
🎁     i’ll happily dissolve         🎁
🎁   into ink, pen and paper    🎁
🎁      to gift wrap myself         🎁
🎁    as a poem, just for you     🎁
© 2021
dedicated to all the beautiful women in my life
no matter the distance
or all the missed phonecalls
and unread texts
in a way
a small piece of my heart
will always belong
to you
my first love
and first heartbreak.

Esther L. Krenzin
Rama Krsna Sep 4
by the bustling west side
a vintage Rothko in the making!
as the setting red sun
smooches a shy, dark-tanzanite sky.

her succulent strawberry lips,
nowhere in sight.
there’s gotta be a portrait of this rose

the search now
ever since this bird has flown,
is for the missing piece of me,
which i keep scrupulously looking for
on every street

© 2021
poem inspired by a beautiful sunset on the west side of Manhattan that looked like  a painting from Rothko’s “color fields”.
Allesha Eman Sep 3
Dust settles between this continental divide
I, on one end, a fleeting candle wick
Burning slowly, hopelessly against this cold
And time, like fallen clouds,
Does everything to hide the sun.

I practice dancing to sounds of silence
Distances become all too familiar
and like melted wax, I fall to the floor

hoping that before you walk away
you will break this barricade of silence
that time has built around us
Rama Krsna Aug 31
you’ve never been
in my bed,
why do my sheets smell
of that lingering fragrance of you?

© 2021
dedicated to the talented parfum makers of the world
Kassan Jahmal Aug 23
Feels like the better parts of me. Are,
Hardly speak to my peers. Too,
Chase of love and someone. Feels,
Inspiration to keep writing. Is,
Hopes for self and the future. All,
My faith in God nowadays. Really,
My belief in desires fulfilled. Only,
All those promises. Basically,
Money I truly need. Always,
And all that makes me happy. Is,

Living life from such a distance
MG Aug 22
Just like the moon controls the tide,
You captured my eye.
Pale green eyes lighting up my night sky.

It was as if two separated souls recognized each other from other lives.
The soft relief of finally finding each other again.
A feeling only the astral plane could understand.

Now, I think of you in everything I do.
I even see your face in the moon.

But like the moon, you’ve grown distant.
You can’t communicate.
You just sit there, watching and observing.
All while feeling so much.
While leaving me with silence.

I wish you would let me close to you again.
I don’t want to hurt you.
But I wish you gave me the chance to tell you.
Falling for a Pisces is always cathartic — but always ends in hurt. I’m sorry it has to be this way.
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