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Classy J Apr 2020
I did my part, by staying in.
So effective, bored.
It’s a sacrifice.
The soul is very passionate.
The isolating, the flattening.
Foraging coercion.
For Immuno compromised persons!
Stay in your homes.
Prevent the increase in tombstones!
Then pat yourself on the back.
Knowing all the people you have saved!
Staying in, flattening the curve again.
Outcome, only time will tell.
Feeling relieved I’m not the only one!

And the stupidity will **** us all.
Hoarding toilet paper from the aisles.
But no one else can see.
The effects this has on the elderly.

Social distance, social distance, social distance.
Social distance, social distance, social distance.

Oh, there are arrogant *******, not taking this seriously.
But there are others doing their part.
The nurses and doctors have gone mad.
With people taking all their masks.
But when we cure it all,
The faith will be restored,
Who hopes we will be blessed?
We could start over,
Just cover your mouth when you cough!
It’s that simple.
Now there’s time to watch streaming platforms.
Helpfulness, committed.
To doing what I can.
I’m not the only one.

And the stupidity will **** us all.
Hoarding toilet paper from the aisles.
But no one else can see.
The effects this has on the elderly.

Social distance, social distance, social distance.
Social distance, social distance, social distance.

The limits of the research.
The limits of the research.
The limits of the research.

Fake news outlets (social distance)
Only check AHS, for info (social distance)
Your support to fund research would help (social distance)
Can’t stop the spread (social distance)
If you don’t stay home (social distance)
This is a must (social distance)
I’m not the only one.

And the stupidity will **** us all.
Hoarding toilet paper from the aisles.
But no one else can see.
The effects this has on the elderly.
And the stupidity will **** us all.
Hoarding toilet paper from the aisles.
But no one else can see.
The effects this has on the elderly.

The limits of the research.
The limits of the research.
Kennedy Taylor Dec 2014
Watch from a distance as I go from sane to insane.
Watch from a distance as I lose control of my brain.
Watch from a distance as I snap and I break.
And I’ll watch from a distance because I know that you’re fake.

Watch from a distance as I make friends with my walls.
Watch from a distance as I rise after each time that I fall.
Watch from a distance as I ignore all of your pleas.
And I’ll watch from a distance as you fall to your knees.

Watch from a distance as I lose sleep every night.
Watch from a distance as I lose myself when I write.
Watch from a distance as I interpret my dreams.
And I’ll watch from a distance as you find out what that means.

Watch from a distance as I slowly go mad.
Watch from a distance as I never look back.
Watch from a distance as I become who I said I would be.
And I’ll wonder from a distance why I feel like someone’s watching me.
Jay Bryant  Jun 2013
Jay Bryant Jun 2013
The space that is holding us back.
The thing keeping my hand from caressing your back.
These roadways, highways, and freeways
Blocking my way to you
I need to make my way to you.

This is the problem
Love I believe it to be the answer.
Tho, the solution to the problem
Raises a question
That needs to be answered.
How far does love go?

What is love in distance?
Would I measure it in miles or inches?
How much love does it take to get to you?
Does love matter if the distance is to great to get to you?

I don't like this distance
Tho, I'll travel the farthest distance.
Just to give you a give a kiss
Can you feel the love don't resist it.

Love knows no distance
If I were on Venus
You were on Saturn
We'd meet on Mars
The distance wouldn't matter

It takes time to travel
Tho, I think we could go the distance.
When I said I love you I meant it.
I know you felt the love
Just try not to feel the distance.
sun stars moons  Oct 2013
sun stars moons Oct 2013
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
I say that’s *******
Distance makes the heart suffer
Distance took my heart and plucked its petals

It holds me tight
Too tight, until my breath gets short and my legs go numb
Distance built a nest in my mind out of fragmented memories
I will never let go of
Memories that are now so distant I can no longer cherish their brilliance
or remember their fragrance

This distance is a cry that cannot be silenced
It is the side of the bed where you should be lying
It is the dial tone when you hang up the phone
It is the dreaded groan of waking up alone
Distance is disappointment
The hollow echo of loneliness
My vacant arms
Distance is sorrow

We have no choice but to be bold

Distance is the strength found where hope was lost
Distance decorates the wings of the butterflies that
f l u t t e r
in my stomach when the distance disappears
As the miles between us fall apart, distance falls quiet
A moment of reunion
A moment outside of time
Building bravery in our cores
Steadying us for battle once more
Mounting our horses, drawing our swords
We are bold.

Distance keeps our memories close to home
It is the struggle that taught us how to be brave when we are alone
Distance is the challenge
To determine how much we can handle
Distance pushes our love to its limit
Distance is brilliance in the tragedy of our goodbyes
Amira Sep 2018
I thought I understood distance
When I learned at school it is defined as
“The amount of space between two points.”
I learned distance can be measured in various units
As steps, kilometres and miles
or even intervals of time.

I thought I understood distance
When I counted 2362 steps walking to school
And noticed my dad’s car meter increasing two miles
In three minutes driving me back home.

But my understanding had changed when I started measuring longer distances.
And attempting to cross them.

I travelled a distance measured in kilometres and hours to see him.
Such distances can be easily crossed.
Either I took the next train, or drove my car
Distance as an amount of space was two thousand kilometres
And distance as an amount of time was only a few hours.

I thought I understood distance,
But never the amount of space between two specific points;
My lips and his lips.

I travelled a distance measured in bottles of wine and years to kiss him.
Such distances can’t be easily crossed.
I could walk miles of skin
And distance as an amount of space between us
Could extend tiresome.
But such distances aren’t necessarily a barrier.
I have crossed all the oceans we created
I counted all the bodies
And I have indulged in his lips.

It took me two bottles of wine and twenty years
To actually understand distance

But my understanding is obsolete
For him and I ,
Are still two distant entities.
I started writing this poem with great inspiration, but the inspiration wore off halfway through, which is why I still feel it is not complete. Please tell me what you think, and what you would suggest.
P.S : the poem is written to be read in a loud and slow manner.
Tori Hart Nov 2013
People often ask me why I do it.
How do I manage being here
When my Love is
873 miles away
Four states away
And one time zone away.

"How do you do it?" They ask.
"I could never do a long distance relationship." They say.
"I would never be able to handle it."

Well, the truth is
The way I can handle it
The way that helps me to "cope"
Is purely the fact
That my relationship is not
a Long Distance Relationship at all.

In this Love miles may be tangible
but they are everything but definable.
We had Love before there was a distance
and that distance will never be used to
Define us.

No matter how many miles there may be
I can still feel his Spirit with me.
His laugh rings in my ears when I can barely muster a chuckle
His fingers gently touch my skin when I drift off to sleep tucked away at night
I can hear the gentle whisper of his voice when I get up saying,
"Good morning, beautiful."
And I can feel him singing along with me in the car to our Song when my voice cracks.

Our relationship is not a Long Distance Relationship.
Just because there is distance
does not mean that distance defines It.
He isn't absent until I come home
or when he visits me
My Love is always here.
He may be in whispers, and small chuckles, and light sighs
But a part of him is always here
Always with me
Always there
and I can feel it.

So in a sense
our Long Distance Relationship
has no distance at all.
Because creating distance means to separate or to bring apart
And that's not what our relationship does in the slightest.
If anything
these 873 miles bring us closer
Closer than we could ever imagine.

I'm not saying that I enjoy
not being able to physically see him everyday.
But this chapter in our Love is not hard or difficult or too much to handle
And it certainly isn't bringing us apart.
Because we both do not see any other option
This is worth it.
This is right.
This is It.
This is the kind of It that everyone talks about
we all hope for It, search for It, even die for It.
and we are so blessed to have found It so early.

So these 873 miles will not be permanent
but they are so indescribably worth it.
I'm sorry this is such a long drabble. I was just trying to put down everything that I feel about this beautiful blessing of Love that Jess and I have found. Thank you so much for reading. Peace and Love <3
Amber S  Nov 2011
Amber S Nov 2011
you make the miles between us appear
like a never ending desert
you make me forget the shape of his
you make time freeze
you put pressure on the cracks
you kick me when i'm down
why can't i remember how his tongue
you're not even that long, yet it's as if
i'm in another country
why must i sleep alone every night?
when can i have him again?
lucy winters  Jul 2015
lucy winters Jul 2015
I enjoy distance
Long drives with no destination
Music blaring,  miles growing

I enjoy distance
Long walks to nowhere
The peace calms my restless soul

I enjoy distance
Little steps each day
Away from difficult situations

I enjoy distance
Between people and places
And me

I enjoy distance
It gives perspective

I enjoy distance
I also enjoy coming home
When distance has run its course
Lvice Jun 2017
(A poem over a few thousand miles)
by JAC and JAB

Distance and I can never agree.

We were together, but thousands of miles apart
It was a creation between the both of us
And somehow the words created this "we".

We who are strangers, sharing only words
We who are nervous, for words are our souls
Distance and I can never agree
But distance and words, maybe we'll see.

Bearing words across the world
Souls across the distance
Some stranger seeking peace?
Distance wouldn't know
It never agrees.

Distance is as short as words are instant
When one soul thinks, another waits
Strangers are strangers until they share souls
So is distance just a stranger's mind?

Questions that would linger in the depth of some unsure mind,
Once they were doubts, but now I’ve made them mine.
This stranger is no stranger, well before he met me
But then again, his time wasn't always free.

We all have strangers, that were and were not
always strangers to distance -
So this time, distance's differences aside
Stranger or not, I'll confide.
This is a collaboration between the poet JAC, and myself. I adore your poetry, and working on this poem with you was wonderful!
Have a wonderful day!
Distance is a powerful word.
A word that touches on everything.

Defined as 'The amount of space between two things.'

Space that was added and could be filled up.
Space that is unnecessary. Space that was not wanted.
For example:

The distance between our hands.
From far, a wave at first sight,
Never knowing that your touch,
Will mean so much to me in the future.

From close, together,
A gentle clasp, a perfect fit.
Never letting go: Reassurance.
Everlasting bliss.

The distance between our bodies.
From far, as strangers, before
We've had our moments together.
Your presence grows as the distance closes.

From close, as lovers,
Touching, intertwining,
The kissing of skin, the sharing of warmth,
Making love.

The distance between our eyes.
From far, as acquaintances,
Averting glances of interest,
Curious in every inner thought.

From close, every smile,
Every emotion, more meaningful than before.
Every minute detail shown in awe.
Every moment clad in romance.

The distance between us.
Physically, Emotionally,
Mentally, Metaphorically.

To me, 'Distance' is a powerful word.
I hate it.

Because if there is any distance between me and
Your eyes, your hands,
Your body, your everything.

I would not be myself. I will break apart. I will not be whole again without you.

*I never want to be distant from you.
Moments where she's just not there beside you.

— The End —