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Bee Burnett Jun 14
**** she a fatty,
Absolute circle chonker,
I’d pat that fat ***.
Chi ur so fat but I love it r/chonkers
Tizzop Dec 2019
monday: putting ***** plates aside
tuesday: ignoring the ***** plates
wednesday: being bothered by the ***** plates
thursday: intending to do the dishes
friday: forgetting to do the dishes
saturday late afternoon: meeting a woman in a pub who tells daddy that she has a dirt allergy
saturday evening: arduously scrapping off fatty chunks from the dishes, groaning about such a hard kind of labor and thinking about easier ways of cleaning ***** plates.

from saturday night until sunday morning: making love to the woman from the pub; putting ***** plates...
lifestyle remains lifestyle
change causes change
ARCH Feb 2018
Whittle down the memories
And vale of love
Someone who urge me
To Stand tall
With the blink of an eye
All past existence cherishes
My soul and happiness tie
Although I may not be there
For you that time
But believe me I was you
All the time
Venturing the dim light
Of your cries and fright
I'm sorry I couldn't save you
But believe me I was you
Pallestine beauty
Äŧül Jul 2017
To that time I dedicate this rhyme,
I was a little fatty but was happy,
As by chance I had her romance.

Now I am almost underweight,
I don't mind having lost weight,
Moving on I do not have to wait.
My HP Poem #1642
©Atul Kaushal
Added sugar
To cakes
Convience food
Process food
Take aways
Burger King

Name it their all guilty.
Slowing poisoning us.
We are dying of deadly diseases.
They don't care as long as it makes money.
It is up to us.

We need to be strong
Stand up and fight.
If we refuse to buy that food.
They would soon be out of business.
They are just an industry making money.

We can refuse to eat it.
Cook our own fresh food
Without added sugar and salt.
Don't put your health at risk.
Quit it before it consumes you.
Eat a sugar free diet.

— The End —