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Jamie Sep 26
Stuck in a daze,
By what caught my gaze.
Like coming out of a haze,
Or some sort of phase.

Can't believe what I see,
The way it feels to me.
Wondering how this can be,
This feeling of glee.

How could I have gone,
So long,
It feels wrong,
But I feel like I belong.

Here in this moment,
Something feels potent.
I can't explain,
So many feelings remain.

Seeing you once more,
Walking through the door.
My heart aches,
Twisted by the hand of fates.

This moment I've dreamed of,
Like a sign from above.
I tremble and shake,
For the first time I'm awake...
That moment they walk in, and take you completely by surprise.
Jamie Sep 25
The dropping weights,
The cling of plates.
A beed of sweat,
Can't quit yet.

Together we grow,
Trying to get swole.
Pushing our weights,
On our gym dates.

We train back,
Pulling from the rack.
We hit chest,
You always did your best.

We work shoulders,
Trying to make boulders.
Can't forget legs,
Even if she begs.

We skipped arms,
Due to your charms.
Didn't bother with abs,
You can handle jabs.

We Pushed each other,
Spent that time together.
The gym was our space,
Our happy place.
I miss our simple work outs together.
Jamie Sep 20
Everywhere I go,
Everything I do,
My heart always sees you.
When I try something new,
Or even when I feel blue.
There you are,
Like a vision from a far.
My heart skips a beat,
I tremble from my hands to my feet.
Then realize your not there,
Realize I dont see you anywhere.
My mind plays tricks on me,
You're all I want to see.
You're the mirage I can't grasp,
Empty my hands clasp....
That feeling where you see them everywhere yet you know there nowhere.
Jamie Sep 20
I remember our first kiss,
That moment of fire and bliss
The sparks that flew,
How my heart grew.
The passion they sparked,
As if I've been marked.
The way I craved more,
Your lips became something I adore.
There the last thing I want to feel,
Nothings ever felt so real.
And the thing I want most to do,
Is to make my last kiss be you.
A first kiss can sometimes tell you everything you need to know about your connection with someone.
Jamie Sep 18
I want to undo,
What I've done to you.
I want to make things right,
I want to make this my fight.
Anything to make amends,
Change how our story ends.
I'd undo all your pain, for love I'd undo even myself.
Jamie Sep 18
Another chance
I don't know
If I deserve it
Or no.
Its what I want,
But is it
What I deserve.
Is wanting enough...
Is wanting another chance, and deserving one ever the same. Can anyone really deserve another shot.
Jamie Sep 17
One last chance with you,
I wonder what I would do.
Will I be the man you remember,
Have I changed for the better.
Am I truly a changed man,
Was this part of a greater plan.

Will I finally be enough;
I know things will be tough.
Do I now have what it takes,
To prevent your heartaches.
Can I show you true love,
Be someone you're proud of.

All these questions,
All my affections.
One thing I know is true,
I would do anything for you.
I'd fight to make it just,
And earn back your trust.
Wondering if I could make things better  make them right, if I had one last chance to fight.
Jamie Sep 17
I miss you,
It's true.
The little things you do,
Now leave me blue.

There's a long list,
Of things I've missed.
It gets bigger by the day,
Due to my disarray.

The things I miss,
Those moments of bliss.
I miss your smile,
Our laundry pile.
Your beautiful eyes,
Our little white lies.
Your soft skin,
Emptying the garbage bin.
Waking next to you,
Arguing to.
Hearing your wishes,
Cleaning the dishes.
Going on dates,
Endless debates.
Holding you at night,
Having a fight.
Holding your hand,
Not knowing where we stand.
Our tender moments,
Your Silent treatments.
Every single kiss,
Moments we miss.

Just being with you,
Good and bad too.
The things we would do,
Things I still want to.
I know I've done you wrong,
Made you feel we dont belong.
For you I'll always long,
Each and every dawn.
No matter what we do,
I'll always miss you.
I will always miss you, our good our bad.
Jamie Sep 16
When I open my eyes what will I see,
Will you be there with me.
Am I stuck in a dream,
Are things really how they seem.
Are you really gone,
It's been so long.
Since I got to see your face,
Or feel your warm embrace

When I go out,
You keep me on the lookout.
Hoping to see you one more time,
A feeling I cant deny.
Wondering if we will cross paths,
Maybe share some laughs.
Wanting to make you smile,
It's been a while.
Since I seen that look on you,
How bad I want to.

You are the one I miss,
The one who took my bliss.
The one I cant deny,
This is no lie.
I just want you to know,
I want it to show.
I miss you,
I always do.
I just want you to know, I miss you.
Jamie Sep 16
What to say,
What to do,
All I think about
Is you
Will there ever be another like her.
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