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StoryTallinn Oct 2019
We used to go to bed listening to fairytales
Hearing about princesses and dragons
Unreachable dreams and fake heroes

We welcome warm winters only after cold summers
For I remember admiring the shiny moon
Contemplating ruins
And admiring autumn's vulnerability

Growing from bittersweetness
Accepting pain as an energy
Finding hopes in every step
Maybe now greyness is the miracle I need
StoryTallinn Aug 2019
I wanted a forest fire
But our flame was nothing more than a candle
Not even a bonfire
Short-lived desire

You did not hurt me
I hurt myself...
Walking on a path through quicksand
Loving someone who was not available

All I can do is to move on
Tolerating your face in my surrounding
The past has to be left alone
And finding someone else to sing along
StoryTallinn Aug 2019
Your lips took my insecurities away for awhile
Before it came back to me
I know you need your time
I know I am further on the sentimental path

Two dates and 10 days
I'd rather lay with you than with my doubts
I know you are busy
I know you like me

Still I wonder daily
Is it gonna work?
Clueless where to go
But I want to go with you
StoryTallinn Jul 2019
Escaped my former golden cage
For this room near the sea
Feeling the breeze of freedom
Four walls of serenity

Escaped your toxic attraction
Found my heart falling for someone new
Feeling the emotions floating
Longing to know her better

Seeing the end of the tunnel
Reaching a new crossroad
Feeling a release of dopamine
Putting my energy in something new

Anxious voice telling me that it all may fail
Doubt running in my veins
But I do deserve happiness
I want to believe in this momentum
StoryTallinn Jun 2019
A mind attracted by the peaks
while the feet want to climb mountains
Divided and consumed
Lights and darkness

Voices that should have been shut
Doors that should have been closed
Demons that keep coming back
Same old habits

An ephemeral light in the night
Enough hope to carry on
Transforming loathe into love and laugh
Discovering that change is the greatest source of energy
StoryTallinn Jun 2019
Pieces of life
Like pieces of magnetic puzzle
Attracting and rejecting each other
Pieces that come together and fall apart with time

With each mistakes, a lesson
Each lessons like a brick in a wall
will help me build a stronger foundation
This is not perfect but it is the best I have
StoryTallinn May 2019
Focusing on taking steps after steps
but forgetting to take a breath
Mimicing strength while my shield was rusting
I said I am fine too many times

I know this shell needed to break
So I could shine
This mask needed to fade away
So I could look at myself in the mirror

Admitting my vulnerability
and finding the chemistry of happiness
Admitting my ignorance
and finding the road to knowledge

Where there is room for improvement
There is space to grow
When things seem to collapse
Just an opportunity to start again
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