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Anna Apr 2018
I am in a phase where I cannot tell whether I am with him or not .
Where I am ignored and told that I am over reacting
Sorry mere a word
And still c I love you c in the end to keep going
Am I really this broken
Anna Mar 2017
Life in a metro
  Crazy place
Crazy people
You'll hate it
But you'll love it
   Talk to any one
  Everyone is available to Talk
No one sleeps
Everyone is high
Not on ****
But in spirits
  No no not delhi.
   Ye noida hai meri jaan
It's like
The student is the new principal now
  Mar 2017 Anna
Vishv sharma
Yesterday I was a Sage
Today, I am too naive

Yesterday, I had that zest
Today is too far from conquest

Yesterday, i had a realm of dreams
Today is a wave trodden castle

Yesterday i stood positive
Anna Mar 2017
In my arms
She felt so light
Her body against mine
Her head on my shoulder
This place feels like home

This night feels exactly the night before you left
Ambitious,furious, hot yet addicting
I missed this for years

When after that night you sloped.
I burned my bed down that day
And bathed in the ashes of my broken dreams
It feels meaningless now

Yes alone I went down to hunt down
My Incessant desire to touch your skin
To caress and pull you closer
I thought the desire died
But it was subtly breathing deep within

Oh you
Your smell is still the same
It still seduces me
It still captures me through and through

I will never get over you
Anna Mar 2017
Oh she!
I now remember
When I saw her dark eloquent eyes
They had a hint of emerald

Oh she!
With her fiery aura
Which had a unique ability
To beguile anyone that comes around

Oh she
Her words were enough
To lure anyone to follow her command

And now
I see her again
Blurring everything around except her
With her same enticing eyes she glanced
No words
Nothing she said
Just came towards me
Once again
Just like before
And I can do nothing but to fall again
But this time knowing the consequence

Again I curl my arms around her.
Again I touch her soft succulent skin

And there is nothing I can do
Nowhere I can go
But towards her
A poem depicting a guy's thought when he sees his long gone lover again and could not resist himself from falling for her again
  Feb 2017 Anna
Nolan Davis
So here's another story, of hyperbole and glory.
The words of a soul at 24.,
But the game's not done, it's just only begun.
Let's just even the score!

If life's truly a garden,
Then it must take **** to grow.
Instead of letting the top soil harden,
It's time to reap all that I sow.
Won't struggle to tread water,
While being caught in the undertow.
I'll float and tread, not fish food fodder,
I won't let my weakness show.

So if this is to be my destiny,
And I'm bound to this by fate.
Then take from me this soliloquy,
Cause I no longer harbor hate.
It's draining always fighting within
Internal conflict and silent debate,
But through dialogue rebuild can begin,
Because so many others can relate.

The haunting truth of misguided youth,
We feel weak in fate's cruel hand
But through these cries we debunk their lies
Side by side our friends we stand.
Anna Feb 2017
Being what the heart finds its solace in
Even though the others oppose
hating the world
But finally started knowing to love myself
Understood that its okay to fall again and again
to strive for what I love
because that's how I'll reach my destination
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