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Knock on the door of my heart
       and i shall open it for you
do not be frighten by what  you'll see.
   I have been trying for too long,
  to let you know how much i love  you.
    But you never bothered looking  further beyond that fake smile on my face.
      That is filled with heart breaks
               and doubts,
for you never bothered to see beyond.
Bluebird Jan 2015
We were standing on the bus station,
and i wouldn't get to see you,
for so long,
you said that you couldn't stay longer,
and i knew why,
but i still hoped.

i expected a man inside you to come out,
to stand out
but that man eloped.
I needed a better way to remember you,
but you couldn't grasp
my hearts scope.

i walked away when you went in the bus,
because with my sadness,
i can never cope.
and eaven after the bus departed,
i turned around,
and i trully hoped,
to see my man running towards me,
but that man eloped...
I want to feel your skin on mine
and our hands intertwined
I could lay with you forever
but I know you'd get bored.
Sue Violetta Oct 2014
Crushing disappointment
A dark shadow
Smothering my world
Clouding my mind
Why ? Why ?

There are no roses
Only thorns
No fire, only the smoke
I'm blind to your kind comfort
Why ?
I cry
hiding behind a smile.

But you are wrong!
There is a fire
Behind the smoke.
It's in my heart!
The thorns come with roses
A beautiful sight.
The tears of my disappointment
Just made up my mind
I will try harder
again and again !
Bad luck in a competition.
22.11.14   ...I  did it !    I won !!

— The End —