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Steve Page Feb 13
On your last day,
at your leaving speech
you let your real self show
(just a little)
and then I saw you
stop yourself
just before you got interesting.
An office observation.
Sudeep Soparkar Mar 2019
From someone's suggestion to you
Do not judge a person to be good or bad
Rather than making an impressions
Let us walk a few steps
Interact with that person personally
And then make sure about the impression
Interaction is essential
To maintain a relationship
Increase the depth of the words
And not the length
As rains help farmers harvest
And not the thunderstorms
We should know
Only pure water flows
And saturated water
Forms a ***** puddle
Mosquitoes swarm on such ***** puddles
The choice is ours
Even if it is true
That nobody can rely on anyone
Who will stand by you
In times of need
Cannot be predicted
If the head is calm
Decisions can never go wrong
And if the language spoken is soft
Relationship do not break!

- Sudeep G. Soparkar
StoryTallinn Feb 2019
When he was my age,
my father was already a dad.
At twenty-five I still drink as much *****
He told me: “you are making your mother sad”

My colleagues all have lovers
I am married to an imaginary dog
That cute bartender was flirting with me
So I could start a relationship with beer

I don’t know what annoys more my roommates
My clumsiness or my messiness
I blamed my fictional pet
That animal should try to stay sober

My friends stop talking to me
Once they started dating
I should try to figure out my problems
But not today, it’s Friday
Don't worry my life is not that sad! I was just listening to some Pop-punk while writting....
Zywa Dec 2018
He is in the hallway. Shall I
touch him, let my fingers run

through his hair, play with his shirt
tickle his body, shall I

arouse him and give the finest?
Cheerfully I say good morning, walk on

close my door, my eyes, him
in my arms on the edge

of my bed, to feel
what I would do if he ever

should take the step to unfasten
hooks with me and
Collection “Webgarden”
Micheal Wolf Apr 2017
Throughout history the wolves have always been at the door
Always waiting for an opertune moment to strike
Be they wolves disguised, or in plain sight
Always there
Always waiting

But there have always been men and women who step up to face them
without question
Shepherds in another way

A thin blue line stood between all that we cherish and those who would take that away, one attack at a time.

One of that blue line stood and did his duty.
He stood where others ran
He looked into the eyes of the wolves and did not falter
He stood fast to protect his sworn flock
He died in a battle for good.
Keith Palmer
The Good Shepherd
Julie Langlais Feb 2016
Seeing you each day ships many smiles to my life.

© Jl 2016
Serenity Elliot Sep 2014
I’m cheerful in the morning
Then the clocks tick over into another time zone
I hope that the phone does not ring
Because if it does I know who it will be
I can hear the snake in your tone
Like a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes
The voice with no face
I sit rigid while the others speak down the line
Yet you signal me out
Making me feel like a sparrow amongst the doves
More than friendly emails
More than friendly offerings
Telling me to keep things
Just between us

There is nothing to keep.

You are a poison across the sea
And try as you might, you cannot affect me.

— The End —