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Ronnie Feb 26
Welcome back.
It has been a while
since you last came
I'll take that as a
good omen
so to speak

is there something
bothering you, perhaps
something on your mind

you can let it out
this is a safe space
or at the very least
as safe as you feel
your own mind can be

it sounds as if
you are finding it
somewhat difficult
to adapt to this
and it's actually
really painful

and it is
it's getting harder
to reach you now
as in the end
we are one
and the same
but I understand
better than anyone
feeling unwanted
the rejection
and the pain

I feel it too
as I hide
away, from you
from everyone
and everything
until you are gone

but not anymore
you don't control me
or so I will go on
telling myself
until it comes true
it has been too long
since I have let you loose
but I will not hold on
and for the first time
I am setting you free
for holding onto it all
only nurtures you
and drains me so
your time is done
so, please
stand up and leave
don't forget to take
your depressive episodes
and relapses with you
on your way out
make sure
you do not look back
as you are not welcome
here any longer.
This is somewhat of a personal conversation
between myself
and my own shadow.
I cannot choose who I am or the things I am going through
but I can choose to speak.
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
An Orwellian term
used by self-righteous hypocrites
hiding behind a cloak of morality.

Wake up.

Political correctness controls the narrative
by shaming and suppressing.

It forces upon us
the “one true” ideological orthodoxy.

It eliminates decent and
makes people lie and self-censor their words.

Stand up.

We must allow others to speak
and voice their thoughts.

Some might be stupid,
so let’s expose their faults.

Some might be outrageous,
so let’s pause and defuse.

Some might be hurtful and mean
so let’s self-reflect and steel ourselves.

Speak up.

Political correctness leads to sameness
contrary to the individualism
it pretends to protect.

It is a road into slavery.
First the slavery of your mind
and later slavery of your body.
Open dialog and discourse instead of laws and restrictions which put chains around words.
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
"I am dying."

"Its hardly a cold."

"Will you fetch me a thermometer?"

"I will send for one, you Shakespearean."

"I am glad you can make jokes to a dying friend."

"Learn to hold your wine."

"You mean drink? Or what I am doing now?"


"Will you still be my friend in the morning?"

"If you are alive."

"Good. I am dying you know?"

"You died a week ago and the week before that."

"It's real this time. You will not be happy in the morning."

"Why is that?"

"You will wake to a foul smell and realize that your mourning will be spent digging a hole."

"Oh, so like most mornings with you."

"You are a real pal. Pass the wine?"
The relationship between Christ
and Yahweh is an eternal dialogue;
a constant communication ensures
His intercession isn’t a backlog

of burdens, borne out of the pain
He suffered and endured at Calvary.
Having been clothed with the dust
of Humanity, He understood beauty

that’s found in our soul’s nature.
After all, we were made to worship
Him openly, freely and easily, with
an unfeigned heart of fellowship.

Made in His image, with the idea
to reflect the Godhead’s purpose
of living and loving everyone, we
delve beneath humanity’s surface

to discover… our identity in Him!
Inspired by:
Gen 1:26; Rom 8:27, 8:34

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
amazon (dot) com

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
LW Jun 2016
Hurry, my friend, catch the rays of your morning sun!
It is stepping through the door again!
Stuff your pockets, common, steal it and run,
steal it from others, nothing for others!
You feel it anyway, don't you?
Ah, and you ache everytime its warmth reaches your back. It hurts and You want to turn around, don't you?
You know how she looks...
mesmerizing union of black and white, dancing shadows, the song, just one look and you plumet, aaahaaha, you fool!
You try not to remember....
     .....the eyes!!!

STOP! ...Stop talking! ...
Alright....., all is true, .....just stop.
....but you, you can tell me, what do you see? You see her too. Tell me! What do you see? I want to know!

Deep dark drums beat in your heart.
Drumming her name.
Again and again.
There is no where to hide.
There is nothing you can do,
Wade Lancaster Aug 2015
Soft Blows
Where there is thunder
the lips speak in soft blows
Syllables award-winning
Connect in dialogue
A distance meaning close
Action speaking deafness arouse
Hammer to anvil
Current transmitted
Feelings stir emotions
Message is clear
Even someone as cool as me emits light. ~ Wade Lancaster
RoKu May 2013
Morning voice whispers:
Stillness and silence bring and guide the soul from the darkness into the door of light, bring hopes, bring tears of happiness, and dancing into the new breath of life, rebirth and producing "healthy baby"...  And known that I'm loved I'm being blessed.

Poetry replies:
All welcome... As the dews in the morning shimmering the rays of love to the world... All welcome... As the morning air cleanses the past burdens... Purifies the bloodstream of mind and heart to the point (of no return) where freedom exhilarates life; envisions the paths for greater humanity and God's glory... All welcome...

— The End —