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stopdoopy Apr 2019
How do I convey how much I appreciate you?
Always by my side and ruthless
To me
Honest and kind
Tell me my folly
My dear with those strong words and determined eyes
I am in your debt for the company you have bestowed upon me
Cait-Cait is the greatest friend one could ask for, and is a treasure.

Also unrelated but "In Hell I'll Be In Good Company" by The Dead South is a bop.
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
This is for when you are down and feeling blue.
Give a heart to heart and time will stand still.
When you need somebody just imagine and they will be there.
No guilt will come to you, no splitting hairs.

For a nitch in time could save your life.
Three days from now you will be free from strife.
To save your life multiply your life and you will be moonstruck.
It is better than any high off of any drug.

Twenty-seven days and they will all ascend to heaven.
With that you never free from eleven.
To all you saints and the lonely hearts help your knowledge grow.
The basic need we all need to know.

Let all be bestowed onto you.
With that knowledge we grew.
It is good to be kind and caring.
Within this is the truth I am bearing.

Can we see each other for who we are?
We should practice this whether here or far.
As the clouds pass over.
We see the blue of the sky, I wish we could forever.

Twenty-four hours goes as the world turns.
The rain falls like ash; which to the skin it burns.
Before the crackling fire we have formed.
At the end of the day another lesson learned.
George Krokos Jan 2018
In the name and ways of God there is so much hidden treasure,
Who by the loving remembrance of, is bestowed at His pleasure.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Love is pure soul and body is but ***** lust
Beauty is to open up when love is to burst
Lust is a gust while soul is bound by trust
For love cleanliness of eyes and heart is must

My sweetheart I want to give you my soul
But you direly desire aspire for body as goal
If you ask me I aspire for you just as a whole
My beautiful beloved my little innocent doll

Let us celebrate our love in heavenly abode
Let us be clear about our real love episode
Let me celebrate in praise of you Sonnet ,ode
Let be in gratitude for love Almighty bestowed

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —