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J Mar 4
A swirly spring hanging on to my ankle
Holding me down from popping open the box
***** feet running across the trembling floor
Spaghetti boiling over causing a loud sizzle to pop
Screams fill the are and tears fall to the floor

A complete puzzle begins to fall apart
One piece floats away leaving us in despair
A broken world filled with sad little faces
Puzzled together by the pain in the air

A scared little girl lost in the statistics of the world
Sinking to the ocean floor
Tumbling in debris
Scared to move forward

A shiny hook latches on to my back
Pulling me back to the ocean shore
I drop to the sand gasping for a breath of relief
My leg finally released from the spiky thorn

As I stand from the sand
Th box shatters to the floor
Tears fill my eyes
I am finally here

A determined woman filled with passion
Rising above my room statistic written on my face
I scream my worth to the universe
A scared little girl lost in the box
A strong woman climbing to the top
J May 2018
Troubles fill your mind
Rewinding to that dreadful place
A sorrowful time
That may never be replaced

And blood all over

And toys long gone

Grim signs filling that empty place
Long nights imagining that gruesome place
Beautiful sun coved with rainy clouds
Awaiting the time spring is set back in place
J Apr 2018
Sorry to those I hurt
Sorry to those I pained
You will always remain in my heart
No matter who is to blame

Disappointment fills the air
Trouble fills my mind
Anxiety swarming all around
Left in silence
And despair

Memories of you sliding down my face
Trickling straight to the ground
Reality of you leaves my grasp
As I fall to the underground
J Apr 2018
Pain written across your beautiful face
Beautiful girl you are
Filled with pain from afar
Troubles fill your mind
Burning bridges from all around

Trust long gone
Nothing but dust
**** in your eyes
For this beautiful new surprise  

Pain hidden behind the barbs  of your heart
Yet openly revealed
On the mind of your eyes
Capturing your internal soul
Bringing the pain to the surface

Beautiful girl you are
With a pained smile on your face
J Apr 2018
Expectations on these special days
Reality hitting hard
Tears streaming down your face
Why are you so scared?
The dam of life overflowing
And despair

Never good enough to those around
Always left with open stares
Feeling anxiety building up
Attention all around

Birds flock above your head
Buzzing fills your ears
Imaginations taking over
Reality barely there

Accepting the position of the soggy bun
In disgust
And despair
J Apr 2018
These types of things use to make me lay down and cry
Now I just sit here and sigh
Wondering full of despair
How we ever got here
Once the reason for my smiles
Now the reason for my tears

Holding my head up straight
Not letting my crown fall to far
Whispering words of encourage
To the soul inside

I am enough
And always will be adequate
Your actions and words have not strength now
For I have built this confidence of armor
To keep my feet flat on the ground

— The End —