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MarKat Jan 2019
I want to do something
For the first time
Anytime I'm
Never sky breeze
Your mine
I'm yours.

Never let it go
No matter
What it
Say forever
Im forever
MarKat Jan 2019
Butterflies and smiles
Summer trees breeze
You brighten my day.
MarKat Jan 2019
Love understands
Knows me better than
I love know myself
I love you
Dealing with emotions
Mirror of me
Wide open
Give me your hands
And hold me.
MarKat Jan 2019
Dreams to come true
In finding through
Leads in the path
Full of closures
Distractions will define
Real and false
In the eyes of
The beholder
It will define
The passage or message
Which lyes behind
The star sun or moon
In it's arising.
MarKat Jan 2019
Fall beats the sound
Leaves beneath the tree
Rising to explore
The tone in its beat
Wind flowing
Ground rocking waiting
For release in a sigh
Summer breeze
In never ending.
MarKat Jan 2019
I am yours.
MarKat Jan 2019
Losing my mind
Lying on the ground
Trying to control
The impact

It's keeps going
But slowly
Losing control
Its just keep going
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