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Wake me up from my dreams.
Help me complete my aims.
Zounds! Such people are nowhere found in this world.
It's only themselves about whom they are concerned.
They'll try to confound,
Show them you're not bound.
Firm your confidence before it depletes,
Intensify your aspirations, the goals you can complete.
You can be your own guide,
Some directions you need to abide.
Make your own destiny,
And a miraculous life awaits with amenity!
It's time to get up now..
From all kinds of remorse,
Keeping aside all detestation,
Just go with the flow,
Being proud of your flaw.
Be with the ones who cohere,
Even after many obstacles.
And ignore the rest,
Who only know how to pretend.
So show your worth, but don't disrupt!
You won't know the real pain, Unless you've experienced it.
It is not about heartbreaks or being cheated on,
It's about the sufferings that people go through.
How some people fight with their problems,
How patients fight with their diseases,
How people affected with sickness fight for life,
Without any complaints, but with the little hope to live life again.
Don't ever think that you're lacking something,
Cause there are many people still trying to find happiness in their disability.
They scream in pain, burn in guilt, with the only aspiration to recover and  get their wounds healed.
Stop nagging me!
According to my mood, I shall do everything with glee.
Don't curse me!
A better person is what I want to be.
Stop scolding me!
Explain me nicely so that I can flea.
Is reality a myth?
Or a sorcery unleashed?

Is it a mirage waiting to be divulged?
Or simply a muse?

Is it a hallucination?
Or a  mystery unsolved?

Is it a miracle which astonishes us?
Or a semblance?

Is it a fiction?
Or a trick to deviate us?
In this life,
So easily we're charmed of everything,
People here are spellbound of greed..
So easily we fall in love,
People here love less want more..
So easily we're bound by relations,
People here disappear all of a sudden from this world..
So easily we break promises,
People here don't care for anything other than themselves..
So easily we hide feelings,
People here prefer acting than being real..
Is everything really so easy?
In this journey of life,
We suffer from many kinds of ailments;
Some worth going through,
While some detested by us..
We meet many new people;
Some as on orison,
While some as illustrations of peril..
We witness many locales;
Some leave magical impressions,
While some still haunt us..
And the rove progresses by both hurting and improving...
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