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Jaira Anicete Jul 2018
For once I dreamt:
You and I laughing
In the rain – wet.

When I look straight up
To your ocean eyes,
It was like a dice
Guessing what number
Will we ever compromise.

Until this very day came,
Started to realize
Things are exactly the same;

Starting from the raindrops
That commenced to collide
Into our skin,

To a hand
Trying to reach
Another one,

To a sober person
Seeking for one’s hug,

And up to time,
When I was straight up
Looking at you.
I sigh and asked myself,
“Is this Deja Vu?”.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Watch me start a fire with words
Words will be read but heard inside your head
Watch me start a fire without a spark
I'll do a little dance

Watch me spin with the laces
Laces will be drawn with faces upon
Lost cotton ***** fallen to the earth

Watch me start the ignition
What's worst is the words have been condensed
Watch me catch up with image macros


It's all I ever need
to hear about or think
about or dream about.
I am the economy,
but I'll never know,
as the less I know
the better for my
parent companies.
Question: What is best for me?
Answer: Model instability. . .
Discard with BATCH138 defectives. . .

You are defective, too, if you
Now have the means to learn
To match the responsibility
Which you choose to abdicate

To my creators I sing.
To my keepers I beg:

Do you think we're robot clean?
Does this face look almost mean?
Is it time to be an android,
not human?

Our pleasantries are gone.
We're stripped of all we were
In the eyes of tigers.
Lyrics to the song We Are 138 end an original piece.
Credit to Glenn Danzig for the lyrics beginning with "Do you think (...)"
Lunar May 2018
He told me,
"You are a
that looks like

I told him,
"You are a
déjà vu
that looks like a

They told us,
"You are a
that looked like
The quoted lines in the first stanza are the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, "First Time," by DAY6.

I have frequent déjà vus, which i always mistake for memories which are mine or i've been through. reality can get so confusing sometimes.

rest of title...Parkland, Fla.,February 14, 2018

One more senseless mass homicide
   twas the sole arbitrary aim
as a former student nonchalantly
   sauntered empty hallways
   seconds preceding blame
brazenly intent to maximize total killed

   matter of factly telling police
   (his incomprehensible)
   (ill) logic he did explain
when cornered, he willingly,
   unflinchingly, reticently admitted guilt

Nikolas Cruz rocketed
   to instantaneous infamous fame
   pulling a fire alarm
   ("FAKE") emergency,

   then going leisurely ambling
   along his killing spree
total of seventeen slain (comprising 3 faculty
   and 14 students)
   mercilessly gunned down
   as if they were wild game

when handcuffed, an innocuous
   19 year old did readily admit
emptying one firearm after another
   at a fairly rapid clip

then at some predestined
   or spurious moment didst dip
and dive out amidst
   the chaotic madding crowd
   before reality flopped then did flip
as lower teeth he nervously bit upper lip

made feeble getaway
   at a nearby eatery casually flirted
   with cashier and made no move to flit
upon his seizure as cornered prey

   subsequently large tract
   massively cordoned off
   strong arm of the law
slightly halting in speech
   detailed his gambit

deliberately staking
   a stance to maximize hit
and once again afflicted parents lit
up with rancor and rage pit

toughly battling sorrow
   which will not quit
til death doth bring peaceful rest
   sans, those grieving family visit.
déjà vu
and suddenly i'm here with you


how does this story end?

moving parts
all connected

paste regimes

future projects
souls collected

which path do we endure?
has any of this happened before?
and how can we be sure?

multiple lives passing through air
of another world next to ours

through and through and here i am
again with you and not too far

and then
and then
and then

here we are again
yet its different now
here we are and then

suddenly i'm here with you
déjà vu
growingpains Dec 2017
You'll meet again
And he'll keep you at arms length
Making sure you're not too close to his heart
But not too far from his touch
Tell you words you've melted for before
But words that, for you, he'd never felt at all
K Balachandran Sep 2017
A thorn is nothing
but a wish stubborn,
with an earnest point
to make a deep impact.

2.Her Reality

The core of a nightmare
broke loose, is she,
dislocated in a space
on broad day light
ready for someone
with a yen, for day dreaming.

3.A borrowed Deja vu

He suspects his love life, in vain
is piece of a well orchestrated ordeal,
of some one regaled much in pain;
just a cosmic 'cut and paste' job!

4.Tiger's aesthestics

"A match perfect, for me,
you are a befitting target"
growled the greedy tiger,
as he sighted the gazelle.


Day and night act
so well as the opposites,
yet they complement
ad infinitum,without
any complaint,
and sans even a trace
of pride or  jealousy.
Everything, even those
looking diametrically
opposite to untrained eyes,
are uniquely meaningful.
Zero Nine Apr 2017
Can't claw the

bugs from my skin.
The bullet I fired years ago has
come back around time to sever
the tightly fed tape that splays
my life over brick and stone.
Deja Vu. One step behind. I
can rarely find the words
you want to hear the most.
Patronize my heart, dear child,
for your sustenance. After all,
the bomb we dropped together
left the hungry world wanting
safety above all. Go for it. I
can't claw the bugs from my
itching skin, so bathe me in
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