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Amarys Dejai
19/F/Austin, TX    Texas | writer, poet, and creative mind | Instagram: @amarysdejai | Tumblr: @unrepressedeleutheromania | Website/Blog: | ALL WORKS ARE MINE
Adeja Powell
I'm not so good with words.


Se deja de querer, y no se sabe
por qué se deja de querer:
Es como abrir la mano y encontrarla vacía,
y no saber, de pronto, qué cosa se nos fue.

Se deja de querer, y es como un río
cuya corriente fresca ya no calma la sed;
como andar en otoño sobre las hojas secas,
y pisar la hoja verde que no debió caer.

Se deja de querer, y es como el ciego
que aún dice adiós, llorando, después que
pasó el tren;
o como quien despierta recordando un camino,
pero ya sólo sabe que regresó por él.

Se deja de querer, como quien deja
de andar por una calle, sin razón, sin saber;
y es hallar un diamante brillando en el rocío,
y que, ya al recogerlo, se evapore también.

Se deja de querer, y es como un viaje
detenido en la sombra, sin seguir ni volver;
y es cortar una rosa para adornar la mesa
y que el viento deshoje la rosa en el mantel.

Se deja de querer, y es como un niño
que ve cómo naufragan sus barcos de papel;
o escribir en la arena la fecha de mañana
y que el mar se la lleve con el nombre de ayer.

Se deja de querer, y es como un libro
que, aun abierto hoja a hoja, quedó a medio leer;
y es como la sortija que se quitó del dedo,
y sólo así supimos que se marcó en la piel.

Se deja de querer, y no se sabe
por qué se deja de querer...
(You will make best use of the following words, if you open the Savannah, Within A Month poem, in another tab.)**

It was brought to my attention that I somehow managed to write ALL of the emotion but too few clues in my piece to relay the entire story.

Though, this was done intentionally, due to my reluctance to actually tell the whole story, I do want you guys to be able to read the words written in between the lines, without my losing what I’ve created, by undoing the strings that weave in and about the poem:

In case you missed it, Judy first reviewed my poem commenting on the wistful feeling that appears throughout the piece and the additional sadness at the end. She thought that, perhaps, my father had left us.

Yes…and no.
This piece is a really twisty thing of a piece that hangs off the edge of, “Oh, I get it!”
… even for me.
But, it’s that deja vu bit that makes it hard to grasp.
So, let me lay out a few things:

The airport bit, at the end, was referring to when I would leave for Savannah
…indirectly “because,” of my dad leaving.

But, it was just a mental leaving, that happened.
He never actually left.

All of the emotion was there, but I chose to write, instead, about me leaving for Savannah, rather than my dad leaving for another woman.
So, I end up talking about what actually went on, but instead of ending the story with, “and then he left,” i end it with, “and then i left.”

I tend to have trouble putting issues I haven’t actually dealt with yet, into words.
I apologize.
But, somehow, talking about a direct “result” of the issue was easier.

But, the whole foreshadowing of his leaving (which is written in between the lines), shows up throughout the entire poem:

The mood of the relationship between my parents was written into the first stanza.

The way mum thought about the issues between her and my dad, into the second stanza.  

Me wondering about deja vu (and indirectly, from my current standpoint, the deja vu i had just recently (that im almost sure i had then - about them splitting)) + Mum’s frustration and the effect it was having on her, into third stanza.

My attitude about her burning her finger bc of my question, in the fourth.

Her brushing me off about all of it, in the fifth.

My attitude THEN about her brushing the question off + my attitude NOW about her brushing the entire situation off, in the sixth.

-Then, actual recent accounts of deja vu come into play-

I asked dad if he was “working late at the office again,” -
But, immediately, i zone out, bc i’m experiencing deja vu,
(the smell of grits, i inserted to, in a roundabout way, say that it was somehow connected to the earlier events in childhood),
except this time, though it felt like deja vu, it seemed as if i foresaw them splitting when i was younger, but i was seeing it…….just then?

(deja vu is already confusing - and this little twist on it took me for a spin!)

Either way,

The stolen wine bottle was from the deja vu i'd had - It is placed to foreshadow an event that WOULD take place (there is a literal wine bottle i need to secure lol),
But also, since it felt like a foreshadowing, in the past OF the past, the wine bottle symbolizes my parent’s marriage being stolen by another woman.

The still frozen cookies symbolize me feeling like I was, somehow, stuck in my childhood, when it all was happening.

P.S. Not relevant to the understanding of the story, but the cat doubles as me, attempting to get the answers I wanted. I wanted her to just "realize" and use her mother's intuition to just "know" what to say to me and how to say it. But, she didn't. "So, I just asked."
Well, this was written yesterday, ephemera.
Looks like today is my day to move on.

© 2011 Elephants & Coyotes