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Nat Lipstadt Mar 2018
texas blondes shotgun size

hurricanes can’t survive where northern boys rule,
it is just a national geographic magazine truth,
everybody knows the slow frenetic taking is a compromise,
my tongue parachutes inside the dome and the soft down
comforter is on the floor in the hotel room with a view of
fifth avenue and central park and the occasional glance outside,
a landing zone for the  V-day parapoets

room service delivers in god’s love we trust.
i teach you my mastery and you laugh
texas blonde shotgun size

is that the best you got
and I laugh
cause we don’t got hurricanes in manhattan
unless they are man made
and the shower handle won’t turn us off

in what time zone is it am4:29
and you feed me verses like long legged spaghetti lines,
and i say too fast too fast and you say too bad too bad
northern boy
that how texas blondes shotgun size write poems

fictitious delicious
There is such a thing
the Hollywood Blonde
They all seem to know one another
Each one thinks that
are the most sublime
The most inspirational
The Musiest

Like Water Nymphs
They form their group instinctively
The Hollywood Blonde
And if you are a Brunette, say
Or Chinese
I know one and she has the most magnificent *******
the facts
The husband and the house
The hotels and private jets
Know that those Hollywood Blondes will do a lot of stuff
Without you dear one
“Sorry” they will shrug
They swim
And dine
And gather together
And will let you know
after The Fact
Even movies
Or just returning phone calls

Why do they form the horde?
Perhaps they really are genetically special.
Why do they pride themselves in their isolation?
A mystery still.
Mystery Side-Piece?
Oh yes.
Is it an unknowable path that they are on?
A hero’s quest in a bottle of peroxide?
Applied every three weeks.
I’d like to think so.
I wish that they would share what they know.

But we already know.
A mind is not necessary
although helpful
Chic? No. You can wear anything.
A steady, warrantied beauty?
No just hair
the color of wheat
Or a corn tortilla
It’s never spun gold
No matter
What you’ve read.

Are Barbie’s measurements
Can you imagine the pressure.
When the lines appear and it’s over?
Robin Carretti May 2018
Never want
The New Jersey
That drops down
Actress Fakes
Going firm up
 La Femme
Her Roast beans
2- twins bark
Bra me=
I'm +Robin Birdie
Told me
((Never Ha Me))

Tara twice La
Him musketeers
- duh Harrah

Sara Smile- Huh
Santa's trainer-Shy Spanish fly
blush Fly Robin Disco pry

Twirled together
Behind the
Dorothy & Toto bra click my red slippers home-
Girl scout brownies
The bra course
Never bust room!!
Falls Vamp-hire
Tara La Bra-ly
Which one
Is the  
wizardly bra?
The good
Linda witch
Never a
She's allergic
Like Tied- ankle

Cozy Curry
Bra Chicken
Terror Terry
Bra trader

"La Bra land"

"One Chosen Bra"
Sultry\ steampunk
Bra- link

Red- blood- white
The King Elvis

 Being Launched
Queen Priscilla
  Tara La
"Historical" Aint nothing but a hound dog*

The girl has rocks in her head
gone stupid in bed
she couldn't lift
her underarms

Scarlett has gone-----
with her friends' lover
Never a bra
with firearms
((Never B-B Tara La))


Vampire Diaries
Disease VD
Pour bra Scotch

"0" outcasting
Tomato Pie
Lace box

She was
Robin-Hood me
blood bra orders
Where's your Bra?
High Dalmatian
bone-fish bra

So many Men
Gondola Tara La
Siamese bra
faceoff be quick
Bra \off
this is
Taras turf
Comedy about Bras lift me not to tease me never leave with my bra on me
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Pretty ugly

They claim she’s beautiful; I wanna watch her fall,
Because she sold her soul and now I just want her type to go!
Plastic surgery; left her with a ruined nose,
Her heart has decomposed and a---ll I can scream is n---o!!!

She has a striking face;
Shallow beauty is a disgrace.
They say she must be idolized;
No!  She must be improved upon
And replaced!

She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly to a loser who looks like me.
She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly to a loser who looks like me.

Where are the nice ones?
I hate the rich ones!
The golden age of beauty has come and gone
And all that is left, to use, are the blondes!

I hate vanity!  I have vanity;
I hate everything that you have done,
To challenge me with your beauty.

She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly to a loser who looks like me.
She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly to a loser who looks like me.

She lacks sympathy; I lack mercy!
There is no dignity in selling your body to a magazine page.

These are just my conscious thoughts;
Where are the pretty souls?
There is nothing left inside to hide
And all we have to use are these knowledge bombs of rage.

(Repeat these lines as the song becomes quieter and fades out.)

She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly,
Yeah she’s s---o,
Very, pretty, ugly.
She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly,
Yeah she’s s---o,
Very, pretty, ugly.
She’s pretty ugly, she’s pretty ugly;
She’s pretty ugly,
Yeah she’s s---o,
Very, pretty, ugly.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cana Mar 2018
I took that train again
The one that doesn’t stop
This time it took me to a land of blondes
A veritable tree.
With many things that a gentleman
Should not write about.
I’d like to think that’s me
Though I’ve proven myself wrong in the past
It’s quite the opposite.
None the less. The train was boarded
And the riders were comfortable,
Smiling and laughing right into the collision.
And why the hell not.
b Jan 2018
i wear my nice sweater
for the performance.
but i still put on the makeup
the wig
the shoes.
never let anyone
decide when im ready
even me.

i danced for my supper.
and ate it with the fork
from the road that divides me.

two tall blondes
brought me flowers
we took pictures.
i left the roses at the show
Vivian g Jun 2017
A girl with blonde hair and brown skin cries in an empty parking lot
The Uber ride home is three dollars too much
And the Shell station would be her only salvation
But she doesn't look good under florescent lighting
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
It's up to you if you place rinse in your hair,
Phony blondes think they're debonair,
They're buying chemicals, who cares?
Blonde ambition, bit passé, my dears?
Feedback welcome.
John B Mar 2015
Skin blushed peach on snow white cheeks

Luster and grandeur not seen by the meek

Intrinsically dominant furnace of femininity

Dither and hither be stricken for insincerity

If you try to speak to her expect less then levity

To your advances she implies depravity

Blatantly ignorant vacuous blond *****

Tell me again how I hate you and want ***
Tell me again how you know me better then I know myself, its not like my religion is centered around self discovery, just tell me again about how society has you set up as a *** object for male overlords I take it as a come on, "your insane!" Not at all! It's simple logic, you think all men take pleasure in objectifying and dominating women as sadists, as a male who should take pleasure in your pains is not your tale of oppression meant to arouse me? Honest mistake.
Dolores L Day May 2014
"Let's rob a ******' bank."
we agreed.
"Let's rob a ******' bank!"

You know that's against my rules
But the thought of doing it with you makes it acceptable.

**** these feelings.
**** that dream.

We didn't rob a ******* bank
but we danced
and you whispered
and I shivered
then woke up.

The brush of lips replay in my head
and over
and over

Why do I fall for my friends?
I fall so hard yet in the end
I get nothing in return
but the weight of gravity
and the floor of reality
showing it was all pretend.

I know there's nothing wrong with me.
You just don't feel that way.
... maybe you do-
Maybe I'm just not cool

But I'd rob a bank with you.
When you dream of your friends.

— The End —