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Cynthia May 2020
Remember when you once thought you had lost it all?
Remember when you thought you would never see the sunrise or the rainbow?
Remember when you ran so fast,
Running away from fear,
Running away from love and
Running away from everyone who hurt you?
While running, you forgot that you were strong.

When you feel like running away remember that
You have been here before,
You have relived those thoughts before, and you have survived,
Do not quit when Life gets rough
Keep running,
Keep showing up where you are needed, where you are loved and appreciated.

Running can be tiring, and one day, you will realize that as you arrive at the finish line, you will need to slow down.

The finish line is just ahead, be filled with joy.
Keep your eyes fixed on the Pioneer and Perfecter of your Faith.
  May 2020 Cynthia
Is the key
To Peace and Joy..
To accept what's here
And now..but then
To attend to rising
Regrets and wishes
With the recognition
These are also made
Of Acceptance...
Cynthia Feb 2020
I've been staring at a blank page
Behind each word, there's joy and ache
Stirred in a cyclone
"You are strong, you are brave," whisperings on my ear.
Cynthia Nov 2019
A world so cold
caught in a thunderstorm
it's all we have ever known
pain and suffering
in a world so cold
heartaches and tears
scrolling down
on a radiating storm
furiously and incomprehensible
I used to see everything black and white,
then you woke me
I used to think everything was,
but then you woke me
I used to think of everything black,
but then
You saved me from — a constant battle in the storm.
Cynthia Dec 2018
Where are you
It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen you smile at my door

Where are you
You’ve fallen asleep
Wake up now

Wake up
Wake up
You’ve fallen asleep
My child

Wake up
Wake up
Cynthia Aug 2018
You dig a hole in the ground
You keep digging deep down
So the echo won’t slip
because your goal is to scream
Scream loud
to ease the pain inside
The dirt on your hands
is the hurt, the pain
You’ve been carrying around
Somehow you kept holding on
now freedom is what you seek

Fading memories is your dream
But what happens after you scream?

You have been carrying this weight
on your feet
feeling the heat
Blood flowing through your veins

Love turned into hate & trust into fear
So after all are you really at PEACE?

The battle with your mind begins
Because digging is no longer your escape
Your own fear has captured you in a cage
So you write it down on paper
Not in pencil but in pen
Because there are no mistakes
That can be erased
What’s done is done
And your shame cannot be wiped away
Once again you fight in the flesh
all you want is peace
And a resting place
Yet you seek no one but yourself.
Have no fear for He is with you
Seek Jesus let him be your escape
The one who fulfills that empty SPACE!
Cynthia Jul 2018
No matter where I am
No matter where I go
You are always present
In confusion
In despair
Joyful music
Trembling days.
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