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Raven Mc Chim Jun 23
Those glittery sees, that I see everyday
makes me feel relaxed
Playing and laughing together
makes me everyday uncover a new hidden person in me
Loved your company every morning
and even for star gazing at night
love you Goldy...
my sweet future dog..
Raven Mc Chim Jun 20
The moment I saw you
we became partners
Spending time everyday with you
making us even more better pranksters
The galaxy of memories I shared with you
are always unaccountable
And the moments I spend with you
are always unforgettable

But I never thought that day would day come
when I've to say goodbye to you
Then, indeed that day once came
when you left me without your trace.....
missing you so much
I wish to see you again
Raven Mc Chim Jun 10
I Think,
It wasn't really long ago
when I met you, when we were children though
The things filled in our minds was going home
Soon it turned out to be fun there too
The fun we had,
The pain we gone through
are always unforgettable
I never want to break our promise
that I won't be in disguise
Let us filter all our sorrows
So that they won't come again tomorrow
I don't want you to become,
someone I know to someone I knew
It just happened like a serendipity
and there were some lies I pity
The bond between us made impossible to possible
May this bond be unbreakable
forever and be together
I wish this type friendship lies in life too, unless I can only see in my poems.
I just want to feel it..
Life is like serendipity
We should filter our sorrows
forgive our lies
And stand for our promises
most importantly, i made this because all my favorite title songs are expressed in this..
i like that singer because i admire and inspire him so much
He is a person who always says that loving yourself is more important before loving others.
This feeling is as beautiful as starry night
Flowers in my heart when I see you always
I see you when I close my eyes
I miss you so much when I hear you
You made my heart flutter so much
making my cheeks turn pink
Such an angel smile
Such an angel heart
Wanna see you everyday
Wanna see you every night
Never felt this way before
Never wanna let you go baby.......
TO: Chim Chimmy
Your heart of flowers blooming so brightly
making everyone's heart smelty
Everyone is attracted to your heart melted words
You are considered to be the most beautiful in and out
That is your specialty and that's the reality
to someone I care the most
love you buddy
be happy and make everyone around you happy
be yourself always. Don't change for sake of others
You being my friend is not a coincidence
Your the right time , at the right moment
You are the sunshine, keeps my heart shining
Don't ever disappear away from me
When I am with you, I never
thought about hard side of my life
love buddy....
I wish you have a great life ahead
just remember,
never forget me, cuz i can be your best buddy ever
keep in touch... love you
I will never forget the memories with you; until my last breathe
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