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Raven Mc Chim Dec 2022
His gaze upon me makes my heart beat faster
The glory of falling in love was never mine
Lusting is the only way to achieve his body
Love me like you love your wine
Mess with me like no other did
Hold me so tight that will choke me
His touch tingles on my skin
Will I ever see you again
Will  I ever touch you again
It depends on the fate that drift us apart
Was it all just in my head or is this something else
Raven Mc Chim Nov 2022
I love you
Though I didn't tell you properly
I don't know when it started
My crush developed into love
But I don't mind if you don't love me back
I'm glad that I found a good close friend with that I can share all the things  roaming in my  head
You know the things that I didn't dare to tell anyone
So, never doubt yourself there are always people who love you dearly.
Loving a person is not a crime. Don't hesitate to express it. Don't think you don't deserve love. You deserve everything in this world, even though you are a disappointment to some people
Raven Mc Chim Oct 2022
When I thought you are mine
you broke my heart
that can't be fixed again
you came to me as a  stranger
and became part  of my life
But  why do except me to forget everything we had
I can't curse you, beat you
because I love you too much
that I hate it
I can't really say be happy, but I can say, be happy with your own struggles
Raven Mc Chim Oct 2022
I saw you when you are talking to my friend
I saw you when I'm strolling the streets
Seeing you makes my face rosy
But who are you?
let me know you
You are my paramour
whom I want to hide from the world
But at the same time, I want to tell everyone
I get envy when you talk to other girls
But Who Am I?
When you are not mine, to begin with
why do we fall for love at first sight
Raven Mc Chim Dec 2021
Missing someone is always hard to imagine
The doubts in my mind always keep eating me
Does she not like me, does she not love me, am I not a good bestie
I wish I was with you when you went through your hard times
I wish I was with you all the times you shred tears
Holding you in my embrace and saying 'everything's okay '
Even though I'm physically not with you
I'm always there in your heart
So when you miss me
Fell your heartbeat
And think of the memorable moments we spent talking, playing and making fun
But remember I love you always and forever...
Don't worry I will never leave you, even for a man
best friend love is a completely different type of love that can't be expressed in words.
Raven Mc Chim Dec 2021
Holding onto the old days that won't repeat
Excepting a magic to happen
But at the end everything goes downhill
Maybe letting go of the old memories doesn't hurt much.
But hoping those memories to repeat is a mere imagination
Memories happen not created
You made me feel that remembering those doesn't hurt.
But here I'm siting alone for seeking your precence
while I stare at the sky filled with stars
Now moon is filling your company
Walking with me and hearing my rants and talks.
Will you come and be with me again. I will take good care of you.
Raven Mc Chim Apr 2021
You made my life so bright
In your presence my every moment is memorable
Don't let me go away from you
Because, I love you after my family
The most beautiful feeling ever
It can be love towards your soulmate or family or anyone
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