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Sophia Oct 19
Walking into a spider web temporarily turns you into a ninja.
Bardo Nov 2019
It's true I have some regrets in life
The truth is..... I think now..... I should
    have been Zardo and not Bardo
Zardo I think has more of a 'Zing' to it
It's a bit like Zorro
For I too wear a mask, I write hidden
    behind a pseudonym
Moving stealthily like some elusive
    Ninja warrior,
Or like some swashbuckling pirate
    hero yeah!
I descend upon the Site with a
Swinging in like Errol Flynn trailing
    behind me great romance and
I bring my magic, I dazzle with my
    swordplay, my verbal acrobatics
Send all the shadows fleeing,
rescuing the poor damsels, the sad
   heroine grieving
Releasing the downtrodden from
their onerous chains and shackles
Bringing Justice once more to the
I bring them all a gift... the gift of... of
Then as suddenly as I came... I'm gone,
    yea! I vanish
But not before leaving my mark, with
    lightning strokes, my Calling Card
A big "Z" Z for Zardo, written,
     emblazoned with my sword:
The people they all gather around
  just like detectives after a crime
They view my wonderful damage,
   can only stare and marvel
Then someone shouts, he points a
"Look!! The sign! Z!!! It was
    was Zardo!!!"
"Zardo!!!" the whole crowd gasps in
    awed hushed tones,
" was Zardo!!!"

All I need now is a good theme tune
[Song: O! Where do you come from/ Where do you go!]


O! the ladies of an evening, they come
    out onto their balconies to coo
To watch the sun set & the rising of
   the Moon
Secretly they sigh and whisper onto
"O! Zardo, where art thou, my Sweet
    Prince, my Secret Love
How my heart it longs, it yearns for
I can see you, see you almost, upon a
    striking Black Horse galloping
[Song: O!, your brooding
    dark looks, your flashing blade/
Riding through the Glens of Ireland
O! Zardo, in my dreams I walk with
    thee, you hold me in your arms
O! Zardo, can I see it...will you not show it to me....let me touch it, hold it,
   feel it...your... your gleaming sword,
     your flashing blade yea!
Your golden pen from which
   beautiful dreams are made
O! Zardo your golden Excalibur like
Please! O Please! Unsheathe it!"
[Song: O!, with your eyes so soft/ But your arms so strong/
O!, Greatest Lover of them

O! the wind it rustles in the trees, a fleeting shadow flits across the fields
"O! Zardo, is that you ? Is that you ? "
   they cry,
My Darling ! my Sweetness !
My shadowy Knight, my Heart's
[Song:  The Wind it whispers The valleys they echo
    his name]
O! Zardo if only you were here... if


Meantime back in my sanctuary
   hideaway home, safely ensconced
I some insanely brilliant
   criminal mastermind
Here I can be myself, here I can laugh,
Here I can unwind, let my guard
Remove my cape and mask, lay my
   sword aside
Here I can feast in peace & toast my
   Art sublime
And around my fireside wildly dance
   and sing
             "O! they know me,
       Yet they know me not Ha! Ha!"
Like some impish Rumpelstiltskin.....
[Song: O!, Nobody knows from whence he comes/ Or where he goes/ Mysterious Masked stranger/ Fearless Lone Ranger...!]


But now, back here in the real world
I must again resume my humble
   place/ double life
Don my Civy clothes once again
& like a chameleon blend in with the
Just another nameless face...a mere
   office worker by day
[Distant Song: O!]
Here I must play another game,
   maintain my secrecy at all times,
Feeling like a Secret Agent, feeling
   like a spy
I must yes!....I must live a lie
For they must never know my secret
Who l really am... my true identity
Yes! I must be merciful to them &
   mercy show them (& to myself also)
For my sun it would burn too
   brightly for them
They'd all be starstruck, yea! they'd go
   all funny, all wobbly on me
They'd be stuttering and stammering,
   jibbering and jabbering
They'd go all self-conscious on me,
   not know what to say or do
They'd be all staring, they'd be all
"I never knew what Genius would
   ever look like", they'd say,
"And all the time it was sitting there
  right in front of me, right in our
But... but he's so quiet and he looks so
They'd come down from other floors
   just to see me
They'd whisper excitedly "Is that Him?  Is that Him?"
And the others would reply "Yes! that's Him, that's Genius! that's what
      Genius looks like"
Why! it'd be suffocating, I'd find it
   hard to breathe
I'd grow self-conscious too
I'd be just like an exhibit in the zoo.

And yet, y'know, there's this girl at
   work, she's really sweet
She always has a lovely smile just for
So quiet and so graceful
O! how I wish... how I wish sometimes
I could just tell her, reveal myself to
   her, the real me
Silently I call out to her, "No! this isn't the real me you see before you
No! I'm not this dithering Klark Kent
   type office mouse
Look!!! (ripping off my shirt and tie revealing my Superman/Zardo vest)
Me! I'm Superman! Yes! I'm Zardo!!!"
[Music strikes up: O!! So
  strong, so gallant, so bold!]
And she'd start to say almost afraid
" You, you're Zardo" and she'd start to
   swoon, to feel faint
But I'd grab her and take her in my
   arms, my strong embrace
"No!" I'd assure her, "don't be afraid,
    no harm will come to thee
Fear not, you won't go aflame
Look! I'm just another human being,
   just like yourself"
"But you, you're Zardo", she'd protest,
" Look! " I'd say smiling, "touch me
   and see, pinch me if you like
I'm just flesh and blood, no different
   than you",
"Come!" I'd say, "take my hand, climb up here onto my horse, Let me take you to the stars and beyond
Yea! Let me take you home, home to my place"
And she'd take my hand and off we'd go
Galloping away together into the moonlit night.
[Song: O! don't go, don't leave us here all alone.... They call him].

And his legend, it goes on....
                    ­                                                              "Z"
A bit of fun. I couldn't resist it, it just popped into my head. This is about Fame, hero worship, stardom, pseudonyms, anonymity etc all that nonsense. We"re all human yea! we all got to go to the toilet sometime, even the big stars. Ireland has had a lot of heroes. But then, then there was!
Ryzeofthepoet Sep 2018
You're the most unco and clumsy person I know
It doesnt really matter how many times you label yourself as "ninja"
I miss how you would argue and try convince me that you're actually artful and cunning when it came to being a 'ninja'.
Andrew Kerklaan Aug 2015
She beckons to see me come to her but runs away when she's seen I've done so...
Just mysterious
Xan Abyss May 2015
Skilled in the art of bloodshed
A rogue of the ancient clan
a sinister viper striking silently with a deadly hand
The sound of his blade in the distance
Is your only chance of escape
Before the Ancient Assassin comes to sever your life away

Nothing to live for, nowhere is safe
Stick to the light if you wish to escape

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it
Beware the shadows if you value your life
Silent and deadly he strikes in the darkness
Beware the shadows and you may survive

Once the proudest warrior in the clan of the Black Sand
A master of the prehistoric art of hit man
Black he feels inside, no beauty left in life
Vengeance and destruction - his last will and command

Nothing to live for, nowhere is safe
Stick to the light if you wish to escape
Far from the shadows, stay in the light
For when darkness surrounds you, you will surely die.

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it
Beware the shadows if you value your life
Silent and deadly he strikes in the darkness
Beware the shadows and you may survive
lying lazily in my bed
thoughts that are swirling in my head
everything seems to be messy
my lashes are getting heavy

woke up in the pillow that seep
breaking the promise that i keep
wraps myself in cloudy blanket
it's alright i'll be more patient

hands that turn into ***** of fist
nails digging, crumpling the bed sheet
some people would truly understand
i should **** the ninja beforehand
Few people would understand
NeroameeAlucard Apr 2015
I grasped the sword
charged ahead at full speed
I don't know who will win
my opponent or me
we both trained for years
shared classes, friends even food
now our elders decided that our fates
shall lie within an age old contest,
out in the forest, we staged a duel.
I heard kunai hit the trunk behind me,
I instinctively turned around
dodged, parried, struck back as he aimed
to cut me to the ground
I struck back with two quick slices
aimed directly at the head,
we fought like dogs starved for days
like the moon struggling against the sunrise
I was grievously injured, but he couldn't win the fight.
I removed his head from his body
in one swift, fluid stroke

and then I awoke...
fighting my own brother
a nightmare that had been plaguing me for days, weeks on end.
why is it I keep on thinking, that maybe just maybe, it has roots in my past loves end?
Odd Little Conflict
Austin Heath Mar 2015
Undetectable by the naked eye,
you slip threatening euphemisms
[Bruce Lee yelps and noise]
into the softer parts of my body.

Sleepless unlike god-fearing mortals
drink wine fermented of kitchen tears,
fermented in Dixie cups
held closed by the pressure;
image of a social butterfly
with wings torn off by
childish tyrants.

Sneak into my tonsils
and tear out every crown
on your way to my lips.
Pillage and loot and riot,
bleed from the mouth.
Held together by wire.
Sewn shut with iron.

Eyes as two independent souls,
each a decoy of the other,
hidden, even to themselves.
Hollow Steve Oct 2014
You're such a *****. Eyes wide open. With excessive pride and low self-esteem as company. How lame are you? As pathetic as can be. Apathetic ninja. The revolution's never coming. I still have faith in evolution. Let's kick-start the process. I am the gateway. You can be my opening.
**** it, I'll do it alone...
I ate too much food
America's a ninja
Suddenly you're full.

— The End —