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Chiyo Feb 2017
this is about love and i hate it. this is ******* and blushing gushing words from my red cheeks maybe i mean both kind but that's between you and me and i love it. This is me saying this ******* awful poem and wanting to drink battery acid at how cliche it is. This is me probably not looking you in the eye in the audience because a. I will laugh and b. anxiety tells me not to just in case i accidentally activate my lazer death eyes and incinerate you and that would **** because I'd like to own a dog with you at some point. This is me, even though i tell you every day, telling you that you annoy the **** out of me and that you pronounce caramel wrong. its caramel not carmle you ******* reprobate. This is me saying yeah **** IT let him see the over emotional gremlin made of paint and trash who lives exclusively off sweet potato, crisps and whiskey. This is me taking off the mask for you, and the balacava, and the large duffle coat and thick gardening gloves and 8 pairs of leggings. this is me thanking you for being so patient as i cry in bed because i left lidl knowing full well the lady charged me wrong and i owe her money and i can never go back there again or show my face in public and also for all the other times i've cried in bed over dumb ****. How to train your dragon 2, the many times i've convinced myself im dying of insert terminal illness here, when you said I love you and I said 'what ever'. This is me being less of the pile of garbage i was before i met you. Now my bin bag has some fake jewels on it and its shiny and sparkly.
Chiyo Jan 2015
i think, in another life, we were forests
worshiping the seasons, or maybe we still are,

bound to the earth by roots

perhaps we were minerals and crystals deep underground,
and we may have retained the fear of being buried

or we could have been the wind or water
for we still whistle and bubble our way around this planet.

and we still howl in the ears of the living

i like to think, in another life, we were fire
because we burn an impression on these lands

and can still be an inferno even when reduced embers
Chiyo Jan 2015
Don't wait for a catalyst be your own
Become best friends with yourself
And you'll never be alone.
Be an inferno
Be the wind
Be the poison in the dart
Dance with the universe and love it with all your heart
Chiyo Dec 2014
I'd forgotten how bright i can be
because i've been surrounded by the ugliest
orange stained fog.
Here it still lingers, licking at my fingers
and knees.
But here i'm so clear
against the deepest, quietest night.
Chiyo Sep 2014
South lake girls sitting in the trees

South lake girls falling from the stars

South lake girls bloodied

and struggling to breath
Chiyo Sep 2014
forged into the sea
carved into the waves
chiselled into the moss
and welded to the days

combined with the skin
stitched into the sand
nailed through the mind
to bleed into the hand
Chiyo Aug 2014
I have bruises like amethyst
But the truth is I’m the catalyst
When I see colours of bismuth
I know you mean business
Bruises like amethyst
But you say you’re a pacifist
An analyst an activist

But you held my mind so it contorts, distorts
And aborts so it can’t resonate or fabricate
Or rationalise a world inside
That doesn't exist and insists
That I can’t be kissed and won’t be missed

I've got a black heart like tourmaline
But I'm the alkaline to your acid time
Trust me I am fine, I'm a pale blue
Crystalline Structural perfection
Don’t need your affection or your ways
Of objections did my bra strap give you an

You could say I'm a feminist
But I'm more of a scientist
Busting body myths like biologist
You say ‘but **** are ****** organs’
Listen you morons, all ******* are a erogenous zone
Regardless of gender , boys nips literally have no purpose
Except when they get nervous for getting a little lip service

Trust me I'm fine, I'm a pale white crystalline
Structural perfection I don’t need your objection
Not a gem stone for your collar bone I don’t give a **** about
Your muscle tone, I'm a cyclone all alone I could spend a
1,000 years on my own.
sorry not sorry ok
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