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Spark, fiery tempest
Amid trees dances wildly
Creating new ash.
"Creator" by Givealittlelove
Sorry for the wait ;*
Moon and Sun intertwined by gentle light,
One's too bright, one's too shy to shine.
Both waiting to greet the sweet night
Reunite, low on the horizon line,
Accompanied with the sounds
of wine.
In appreciation of all things. - The author.
Every man's a sailor.

Endlessly sailing across the black sea
Hoping that one day we'll be set free
Lying on a white shore beneath a palm tree.
Will you sail with me?
Life is a game played by imaginary gods.
It came to me at work ;)
We live and we die, life is only passing us by
We sleep when we live we sleep when we die
Life is only passing us by.

We dance we dance around and around
We dance till dawn and we dance till dusk,
We live we live and then we die
Life is only passing us by.

We work we work from six to six
It's always a funny mix,
We work to live we live to work
At least you have a fork.

We live we live we die we die
You've seen some grass
You've seen some sky
It's time for you to...

*Life is only passing us by.
Do not live like that, please.
Maybe later ;*
In feelings
liar and lover
are equally true

*"I will always love you"
By GivealittleLove ;*
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